How Quickly Do Fantasmic Dinner Packages Sell Out?


Aug 18, 2017
We would like to do the Fantasmic brunch at River Belle Terrace later this year (not the sit down dinner). Is this one of those reservations that you have to be online for at 6:00am or would there still be availability later in the day.
The River Belle Premium packages run out the fastest, then all the Blue Bayou packages, then the River Belle 1st show packages.

I think River Belle standard brunch probably isn't too bad if you don't have a huge party and are flexible on the time. I personally always just wake up at 6 Am no matter what it is, lol. But like right now there's plenty available for July 22. Even Blue Bayou is available. So I'm guessing it would be ok just to wait until later in the day.

For River Belle Premium or Blue Bayou I would definitely try to book at 6 AM though.
I agree, you probably don't need to be up at 6am for that one, but don't wait too long to make your reservation. They also have a new dining package for Rancho del Zocalo.
Being in Australia and with the time differences, getting online at 6:00am your time is not so easy so thats why I was hoping I could leave it a few hours until I get up here and then I can book it. Guess I could do a dummy run closer to the time for a different date and see how I go then I would have an idea of availability. Thanks everyone for your input.
If you wanted the Premium dining from RBT or BB then I would say want to be on when they go live, but I think you are safe booking a standard RBT package whenever you wake up.
I had a tough time getting the premium RBT package for my July trip. Checking right at 6 AM and still missed it a couple of days. Was finally able to get it the third day. (Never was able to snag a Trader Sam's, but last time we were able to walk up on the waitlist fairly easily.)


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