How much of a tax deduction per bag of clothes donated to charity?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by frannn, May 29, 2010.

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    I have a bunch of large lawn sized trash bags filled with used children's clothes I wish to donate. I can either give them to my SIL (who works in a school and can give away), or call an agency like Big Brother/Big Sister, and ask them to bring some receipt type slips. Of course, it would be quicker & easier to give to SIL. How much of a deduction do they usually give you for each bag of clothes? The stuff is close to new, and includes some designer stuff. I seem to remember getting a preprinted slip with the deduction amount in the past, but that was a long time ago. Is it worthwhile? Its getting donated either way.
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    It's per item, not per bag, so to itemize you'd need to go through and itemize each thing. Should be able to find a chart by googling.
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    The tax deductible value is the resale/thrift store value. It doesn't matter what you paid for it; if it's new with tags or old and worn - you can deduct the resale value only. And it's per item, not per bag of clothing. I would go to a thrift store and make a brief pass and write down what items sell for. Then count or estimate how many pieces you have and do the math, and that's what you can deduct.

    Good luck!
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    263 and turbotax have a calculator to itemize each item--it gives you a price we used it this year and it was great had a nice itemized receipt with pricing you do not need to file with them to use this feature
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    Here is the page from the IRS website. Just click on the Used Clothing, under "Valuation of Various Kinds of property". It must be in good or better condition. Basically they say "whatever the thrift or consignment shop value woud be".

    I take deductions on my tax return every year and basically I figure $5 for each pair of pants, $3 for each shirt, maybe $1-$2 for each piece of infant/small child clothing, $2 for shoes, $5 for coats, etc. I usually give to Goodwill and they give a blank receipt. I then write my info. on that for my records...example 10 pairs of pants x $5 = $50. So I have detail in case of an audit.

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