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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by merela, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. merela

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    Oct 1, 2002
    We booked a hotel in San Diego via Priceline for our one-day stay prior to visiting Legoland. The hotel we got was the DoubleTree Hotel in Del Mar. I believe the Torrey Pines Beach is nearby. Does anyone know what we can do in the Del Mar area besides going to the beach? I see that UCSan Diego is not far away from Del Mar. Is it a nice university town? I'm basically looking for a family-friendly restaurant for dinner that night. Our group has 5 children between the ages of 2.5 to 6, so gourmet dining is out.

    How far is Del Mar from San Diego proper? Is there a must-see area in San Diego, like the pier or a promenade where you can see fun outdoor concerts this coming weekend?

    We live in Los Angeles, so on our way back to LA, we'll spend a day in Legoland.
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    May 3, 2000
    What kind of food do you like?
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    Del Mar is roughly 30 minutes from San Diego. There are tons of things in San Diego to do. In La Jolla, near UCSD, is Stephen Birch Aquarium, a nice small place for young kids to go. Don't really know Del Mar, but there should be family restaurants near the freeway. You can probably find out from the hotel.

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