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Earning My Ears
Mar 30, 2001
Long time reader at the DIS, and proud to work at the "Happiest Place on Earth." :bounce: As you can probably tell from the title of my post I work in Bell Services at one of the on-property resorts. I've been getting many first timers at Disney recently, which just makes my day (I love sharing my knowledge of the Parks and amenities) and I've been asked numerous times..."Tim, whom do I tip and how much?" Now this question is usually asked by a rather embarassed parent...and it is touchy for someone in a gratuitous position to answer.

So, for those whom don't know (and those whom do know and need a refresher) here you go!

1. Door host, greeter...the first person to touch your bags, and the last person to see you off. If you need assistance (luggage, cab ride,) be kind enough to offer a dollar or two. The hotel golden rule....NEVER grab your own luggage cart at a full service hotel.

2. Valet Parker...when you RETRIEVE the car, a dollar or two. If, upon your return to the hotel, someone knocks your socks off...opens your car doors, asks how your night is, offers recomendations, etc...feel free to "take care of them."

3. Bell person...The person whom escorts you to your room, delivers your bags. The customary $1 a bag rule can apply. If the Bell person escorts you to your room, disseminates useful information, gives you the grand tour, explains the amenities...feel free to offer more at your discretion. Upon checkout offer the Bell person his/her gratuity before they leave the room, unless you are accompanying them. Dollar a bag rule still applies.

Again, NEVER grab and use your own luggage cart! It is comparable to taking a taxi cab drivers car...and driving yourself.

4. Housekeeping....depending on the job done this can vary. A dollar a person per minimum. If you are always impressed by "towel animals", the shape of the room. or extra amenities...offer accordingly. I have dropped a $10 a day on my pillow and was amazed at what appeared in my room. Housekeeping also can deliver rollaways, pillows, fridge's, etc...a dollar or two goes a long way.

5. Concierge, Bell Captain: Both individuals should have the ability to get you what you want. Dinner reservations, hard to get tickets, tee times, shows, recomendations....depending on your request, tip accordingly.

The hospitality industry is certainly not the most lucrative profession...certain individuals live off of tips (Valet, Doormen, Bellmen, Servers) and when you use their services and don't offer them any actually takes money out of their pockets. That individual could have been helping the next guest!

By no means am I saying tip even the laziest person...getting "stiffed" can be a wake up call to certain individuals, it says, "you did not even offer me average service!"

So, take it as you will...there are some hints to help make your stay more enjoyable. Trust me, a happy a helpful staff.
Thanks for the "guidelines" psutim. This is great info to have :)

Great information, particularly for people who don't normally stay in full-service hotels. I tip housekeeping on a daily basis. Disney doesn't consider housekeeping a tipped position (as per their tipping guidelines) so the housekeeping tip is really more optional than the other positions.
Valet--I personally prefer to tip $1 when I drop off and pick up rather than $2 when I pick up my car.
There is some confusion, does the person who takes your bags from your car to the cart pool tips with the bellhops? Some people think $1 /bag for the person who puts the bags from the cart to your car is too much. Would a tip ranging from $1 to $5 for that person be sufficient?
Seems that most people here are under the impression that you do not tip concierge and leave them a box of chocolates or nice card when you leave, otherwise why are you paying such high prices for that type of service.....what do you think?
1. Doormen and Bellmen "generally" do not pool their tips. Generally we "take what we make." I've heard of only one hotel that partakes in forcing everyone to pool, and they are not happy! No one wants to piggy back the Bellmen/Doormen that don't pull their weight, doesn't go above and beyond, and provides minimal guest service. Tipped positions and sales positions are some of the few jobs where your day to day compensation depends on how much you put into it.

2. Concierge does recieve chocolates and flowers, good point! I've never seen that as a problem, and concierge (like most people) appreciate being recognized in any way, shape, or form. I've recieved a "thank you" card and a balloon once...let me tell you, it made my day!! AS far as tipping concierge, sometimes (I repeat SOMETIMES) you can get pleasantly surprised how far the $5 or $10 tip can take you.

So you would tip them for doing what for you? PS reservations, show reservations or what kind of service that they are supposed to be providing anyway. I am a little confused because I feel that the extra $$ you are spending over and above a regular room is for that isn't it? I think the idea of a gift when you leave is more appropriate than a $10 bill.
I'm just saying that if the concierge gets you impossible seats, reservations at a booked restaurant, anything that goes above and beyond what you'd expect....a tip is a nice thing. It is their job to make PS, suggestions, tickets....but if they in one way or another make your trip extra special, recognition is a wonderful thing!! I'm only saying, if they go FAR above and beyond the call of duty!

But even better than a tip, or a box of chocolates is a comment card! Sharing your experience with their supervisor and explaining how helpful "suzy Q" was can really make quite an impact! Nothing makes a person happier than positive reinforcement!:p
I absolutely do that. When I have encountered a CM that is over and above the norm, I always send the manager of that hotel a letter informing them of their "great" employee and how lucky that hotel is to have them working there. I really cannot remember a CM being rude or inconsiderate to me or daughters in all the times I have been going to DW. They really have wonderful employees and deserve a lot of credit for making my vacations the best!
pooh6890--The extra money for concerige is (for the most part) going for room location. The main building in GF, top floor of WL great location in POLY are all examples.
The example that is used in the travel guides is if the concerige gets you tickets for a sold out broadway show a tip is appropriate. Someone here posted a concerige getting them a reservation for the chiefs table at VA. I would think that type of service would warrant a tip.
Yes, I believe so too.....thanks;) Going to YC Concierge in November and want to be ready with my tips or gifts, whatever is appropriate.
Thanks for posting this helpful info on tipping!! It's great to actually hear from the horse's mouth so to speak!

Tipping can be a very sore subject on the boards and we've had a couple locked! Mostly when we talk about Mousekeeping and how they are NOT a tipped position per WDW brochures...although I've never seen this information.

I DO, indeed, tip mousekeeping, the bellman, and the valet etc...usually $1 a bag/item and $1 per person for the room. Sometimes more if they did something extra nice or special for us. I'm usually a bit confused about valet, whether to tip when they take it or bring it back or both but I usually do both; about $2. Hope my numbers sound about right??

Thanks again!:)
I HATE pooled tips and am glad to hear that most of the hotels don't require pooling. I am a generous tipper for the most part, most especially when someone provides extra special service and I want that person to get the entire tip and not have to share it with a slacker!
Last week in Las Vegas we provided a very pleasant cab driver with a most generous tip, only to find out when we went to check in that he had dropped us off at the WRONG hotel (Treasure Island at the Mirage instead of the Mirage!). We had a good laugh and dragged all of our bags onto the tram to the correct spot. We are still laughing about it.


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