*Hotel Advisory* 8/16-8/21/2008

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by JB2K, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Jan 17, 2008

    Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that the Veterans of Foreign Wars' National Convention for 2008 will be held in Orlando August 16-21,

    As Disney goes, I have heard from my father (who is a long-time VFW member) that the Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort will be accomodating some of the thousands of veterans and their families visiting the area (I am told hotel allocation depends-upon the home state of the VFW member).

    Also, for those who have access to Shades of Green on WDW, it may be highly likely that SoG will get an unusually large number of bookings from those VFW members who are also retired military.

    And as many VFW members are also avid golfers, expect tee times on WDW for that time period to book-up fast.

    I will also post this at the Orlando Hotels board (as there is some debate as to whether or not DTD hotels are "Disney Resorts").

    At any rate, if you're traveling to WDW in mid-August - do plan ahead, and lock-in your room reservation, now!

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