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    Jun 30, 2003
    Anyone have any info about Hoodia? The good, bad and ugly!!!

    The Dr. just put my sister on it, last week........... she has diabetes. Anyway, she says she hasn't eaten anything for the last 4 days and cannot even look at food.............. surely, this is not good........... I mean NOT eating cannot be good - even trying to lose some weight - she should still EAT.

    I've been trying to read about it......... but, thought I'd ask here to see if anyone can give any experiences.

    Yes, she called her Dr. - the nurse told her she MUST force herself to eat - but that he'd call her back this afternoon.

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    Isnt Hoodia a supplement? Not a prescription as far as I know. I would question your sister a little further, it seem sodd that a Dr would recommend this. Obviously not eating for 4 days is not good. If her Dr did recommend this she needs to tell him she is not eating. Red flags are flying all over with this one! Maybe she could ask for something different.

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