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Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by LT Hambone, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. LT Hambone

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    Oct 26, 2000
    Just want to spread the word about the wonderful folks at the Honeymoon Planning Office, in particular, Keri!

    I called them today to arrange our Romantic Choice Feature. Not only did Keri take care of this, but she pulled up all PSs that I had made, including the Illuminations Cruise! She also was able to change a PS, make a new PS, and note PSs which need to be made between now and the time we arrive (Cindy's for lunch, Fantasmic Dinner Package). I was also able to make a room request and arrange for something special to be waiting for us in our room when we arrive. To top it all off, she's going to send us a complete list of all confirmed reservations and itinerary, and have a current, up-to-date copy waiting for us at check-in!

    Talk about service! This may be one of WDW best kept secrets!

    If anyone is doing a Honeymoon Escape Package, you are in for a real treat!

    :D :cool: :D :cool:
  2. Misti

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I'm glad to hear that they are still so accomodating. I know that personally, they made my wedding/honeymoon as stress free as possible. Their assistance made the planning fun!

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