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    Nov 20, 2007
    Gather round and listen to my tale of woe and take pitty.

    A friend and co-worker is having a baby in a few months. They are big Disney World nuts (parents have have the Vacation Club Villa don't 'cha know) and go every year.

    I came up with, what I thought was the perfect shower gift. See, there other friends of ours are quilters. They said they could make a t-shirt baby blanket quilt. All I needed was one t-shirt from each park. No problem. I was going at the end of January anyway (for the first time in 10 years.) Each day in a new part the first thing I did was to pick out a todler t-shirt with that park's emblem. With three t-shirts in hand I was assured of victory until, on the last day I discovered something incredible.

    "What?" "What do you mean that there is not a Hollywood Studios or MGM t-shirt in any style in any size to be had anywhere?

    I called merchandising again today. They claim that none will be available until perhaps May.

    Feeling pity. Great! Here is where you can help.

    If you find yourself in Hollywood Studios and run across a todler t-shirt that says Hollywood Studios please consider writing down the SKU and updating this thread when you get back. With a SKU I call and order from Merchandising without confusion on thier part.

    I would prefer that is not be pink but blue (as it turns out) is OK.

    Thanks in advance.


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