Holidays & Seasons Swap: COMPLETE


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Apr 12, 2005
Information for the Holidays & Seasons Swap (Groups in the next post)
Sign ups will open on Oct 12th. Due date January 19th (gets us through the holiday).

Newbies are welcome. If you haven't swapped with us on this board before, then I will limit you to 2 groups.

There are 5 different types of groups listed:
-- The first set is for 2-inch embellished letters to spell a holiday or season
-- The second set is for 4-inch altered letters
-- The third set is for mini kits: title, mat, box and one element
-- The fourth set is for single elements
-- The fifth set is for pages

Groups are listed in the next post.

I will pm you with a reminder if you forget to check in. After 48 hours with no response I will request angels for your spots. If you are going on vacation or will be out of town, please check in early. Please do not sign up for more than you can handle. If you need an angel, please ask for one as soon as possible.

After sign-ups, please pm me your name, DIS name, mailing address, email address and phone number when you sign up (I will only use these in an emergency).

For Groups 1-7: Make a title piece, one mat, one journal box and one other element. Please refer to the list below for element definitions.

For Groups R-Z: Choose one element from the list below. I’d like to avoid duplicate elements within the group, except for paper piecings. Please state your element choice as soon as possible. If you choose paper piecing, please state what you are making as soon as you know. I am open to different title pieces too -- example, Summer Fun, and Make a Splash wouldn’t be duplicates for summer titles.

Element list:
Title = standard 8x2 topper (other sizes are okay), welded and shadowed letters, letters on squares, circles,mini tags or other shapes, a large title tag, title on a box, borders, altered CD.
1 paper piecing (not a single layer diecut)
2 photomats for a 4x6 photo, 2 layers, smallest layer 4 ¼ x 6 ¼, embellished
2 journal boxes, total of 3 layers, minimum writing space 3x3, embellished
2 tags (or 1 large tag—greater than 2x3), 2 layers, something in the hole and embellished
1 file folder or matchbook (2 if mini) - -embellished
2 slide mounts -- embellished
Altered CD
3 altered paper clips
1 shaker box
1 library pocket and tag. Tag must be 2 layers with something in the hole, pocket must be embellished
1 license plate
3 shapes(squares, circles, stars, flowers etc or mini paper piecings) 2 layers, embellished
4 inchies
Signage/Bookmark: 1PP 2x6, double matted and embellished
Song/Lyric/Poem: 1PP, 3 layers in total and embellished. Min size 3x4, shapes are welcome
Altered letter: matted at least 4 inches (NOT A CHOICE FOR MINI KIT)
1 Border - 12x2 inches and able to be cut down to 11 inches in length - 2 layers and embellished.

You can mix and match -- 1 tag and box, 1 photomat and box, 1 tag and 2 squares or shapes, etc.

******Please let me know if you have an idea not listed! We are open to new things.

Suggestions for embellishments include:
Die cuts, stickers, stickles, flock, ink, chalk, brads, charms, flowers, eyelets, ribbon/fiber, sewing, tearing, embossing, stamping, clipart, additional layers of paper beyond double mats (if it would look weird trying to fit in another embellishment, specialty paper (such as embossed, glitter, Bling).

Groups P & Q Make a 4 inch letter, matted, and embellished at least once. You may use patterned and solid colored paper. Please be creative. You are making the first letter of the word only. An example is: You are in Group O and chose Halloween. You will make a 4 inch H and when everyone gets it back they can add "alloween" to it anyway they want or just use the "H" on their page to represent Halloween.

Groups A-O Make your letter(s) 2 inches, matted, and embellished at least once. Your top letter is cut at 2 inches and the mat can be the shadow. You may use patterned and solid colored paper. Please be creative and use colors that represent your group selection.

Groups 8-10: Choose one of the sketches provided. No duplicates per group. See this thread for instructions.

Packaging: Place your completed elements in a Ziploc bag THAT FITS YOUR ELEMENTS (the bag MUST close). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use a bag that closes. Bags that do not close make the sorting harder than it needs to be. One piece falls out of a bag and then I have to check every bag to see where it goes. Label your bag with your DISname, name and group letter. Do not address your items to a particular swapper. (That makes it harder for me to sort!) Your label should look like this

Susan Billings
Group A

For Groups 1-7 and R-Z: Take all of your baggies for a group and place them in GALLON size (or larger) bag, and label with the same. Please use the gallon bag (or larger) -- your items may fit in a smaller bag, but the items you receive back might not.

For Groups P-Q: Please put each letter in a bag that will fit your letter and then put all those baggies for that group into a QUART or GALLON size bag.

For Groups A-O: Bag each set! Example: You are in Group H and are making an T and an I. Put the T and I together in 6 different bags. THen put the 6 bags into a quart size bag. (Like bagging elements)

For Groups 8-10: Put the 4 pages for one group into a 2 or 2.5 gallon bag. Label the back of the pages and the bag.

* You may send to me, by any method you choose unless you are mailing after January 3 [note this is before the mail by date]. Then, you must mail Priority WITH Delivery Confirmation.
* I prefer to send to you using flat rate boxes/envelopes. Please include enough postage in your package for return shipping. The rates are: Envelope or Small Box (9”x6”x2”) - $4.95, Medium/Standard box – $10.70, Large - $14.50.
* If you want your items shipped to you with DC, please include the $.70, and a filled out slip. I will not mail the items back with delivery confirmation unless you include the $.70 and the filled out DC form.
* Please include a label (can be the priority label completed with your info or a small address label) for me to use to return your items to you.
* DO NOT include clik-it/ship-it postage. I will not be able to use it since it is only good on the day it was printed, and from the location it was printed.

I hope you have lots of fun in this swap.

Required check-ins will be:
October 19th (verify groups and pm info to me)
November 19th
December 19th last call for angels
January 8th mailing status
January 12th - mail by date
Due to me by January 19th

123SA: A C2 D F G L M N R T T2 U V2 4 8 8B 9A 10 R2 S V 5 6 7
JulieK2000: 8A 9A
AWM: A N 8 9A 10 10A
Mickeyteacher: 8 8B 9 10
PrincessNancy96: A2 B C2 D E G R2 T 2 3A 5A
rlovew: A B K M Q
Ohana 4: 3A 8A
BAMB: C2 F2 V2 W 5B 4A T
Scrapmouse: U 7
hiclarke: A2 B C2 D2 E F2 P Q R2 W 1 4A
VickiV: C2 R2 T2 V2 Z 10A
Sarah <3 Disney: U
NemoMom07: A2 C2 D2 E F2 8B 9A
mommy2mrb: A2 C D2 E F2 H M R 3A 5
Mischief Managed: A2 B C2 D E F G H I R2 S T U V2
Princess Jayne: A2 D D2 G T2 U V 4A 5A
dorecruise: P(2 SPOTS) V

snail mail
chief dragon: C2 D2 H M P Q
Disney Barlans: A B C D E F I K 2 3
PirateTink: A2 D F2 I K R2 T 1 2 3 4 5

to be returned with surprise swap
catinthehat35: R2 T T2 W Z 4A 5A 5B
wdwmickey: A2 C D2 H I N P R S T2 U V V2 W Y Z 1 5 7 8A 9 10A
mycutiepatooties: A B C C2 D D2 E F I K L N O R T V V2 W 2 3 4
dacky A C R V 5B 7
LM3K: A B C D D2 E F2 H L O P R R2 S T T2 U V V2 W Y Z 1 2 3A 4 5 5B 6 7 8 8B 9 10A
Rhonda Greene: W Y 4A 5A 5B
MazdaUK: 3 4 6
Disney rider: A C D2 F G K L M N O P Q S T2 U V2 W Y Z 8A 9 10


mailed by Jayne
Grp G Spooky FULL MAKE 6
1 S : Mischief Managed
2 P : DisneyRider
3 O: 123SA
4 O : SIOH
5 K: Princess Jayne
6 Y: PrincessNancy96


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Apr 12, 2005
2” letters (Groups A – O)

Grp A Christmas FULL MAKE 9
1. C : DisneyBarlans
2. H : DisneyRider
3. R : dacky
4. I : 123SA
5. S : AWM
6. T : mycutiepatooties
7. M: SIOH
8. A : LM3K
9. S rlovew

Grp A2 Christmas FULL MAKE 9
C: Mischief Managed
H: mommy2mrb
R : PirateTink
I : PrincessNancy96
S: wdwmickey
T : Princess Jayne
A: hiclarke
S: NemoMom07

Grp B Presents FULL MAKE 8
1. P: DisneyBarlans
2. R : SIOH
3. E : mycutiepatooties
4. S : rlovew
5. E: Mischief Managed
6. N : PrincessNancy96
7. T: LM3K
8. S: hiclarke

Grp C (Two separate words) Santa Tree FULL MAKE 9
1. S : SIOH
2 A : LM3K
3 N : mycutiepatooties
4 T: DisneyBarlans
5 A : DR
6 T: mommy2mrb
7 R: MDD
8 E: dacky
9 E : wdwmickey

Grp C2 (Two separate words) Santa Tree FULL MAKE 9
S: Mischief Managed
N : NemoMom07
T : PrincessNancy96
A: Vicki V
T: Chiefdragon
R : mycutiepatooties
E :123SA
E : hiclarke

Grp D Halloween FULL MAKE 9
1. H : DisneyBarlans
2. A: SIOH
3. L: mycutiepatooties
4. L : Mischief Managed
5. O: 123SA
6. W: PirateTink
7. E : LM3K
8. E: Princess Jayne
9. N : PrincessNancy96

Grp D2 Halloween FULL MAKE 9
H: NemoMom07
A: Disney Rider
L: chiefdragon
L: hiclarke
O: mycutiepatooties
W: wdwmickey
E: mommy2mrb
E: Princess Jayne

Grp E Costumes Full MAKE 8
1 C : mommy2mrb
2 O : mycutiepatooties
3 S : DisneyBarlans
4 T: Mischief Managed
5 U: LM3K
6 M: PrincessNancy96
7 E:NemoMom7
8 S: hiclarke

Grp F Trick or Treat (Pick 2 letters) FULL MAKE 6
1 A & T -- 123SA
2 T & R -- SIOH
3 C & R -- DisneyRider
4 I & E -- mycutiepatooties
5 T & O -- Disney Barlans
6 R & K -- Mischief Managed

1 R & E: PirateTink
2 T & T: BAMB;
3 O & A: hiclarke
4 R & C : NemoMom07
5 T & R: LM3K
6 I & K: mommy2mrb

Grp G Spooky FULL MAKE 6
1 S : Mischief Managed
2 P : DisneyRider
3 O: 123SA
4 O : SIOH
5 K: Princess Jayne
6 Y: PrincessNancy96

Grp H Candy FULL MAKE 5
C : wdwmickey
A : chiefdragon
D : Mischief Managed
Y : mommy2mrb

Grp I Thanksgiving – pick 2 letters FULL MAKE 6
1 T & G --DisneyBarlans
2 I & I - mycutiepatooties
3 h & G -- SIOH
4 A & N -- wdwmickey
5 K & V -- Mischief Managed
6 N & S -- PirateTink

Grp K Easter FULL MAKE 6
1 E : DisneyBarlans
2 A : mycutiepatooties
3 S : SIOH
4 T : DisneyRider
5 E : rlovew
6 R : PirateTink

Grp L Winter FULL MAKE 6
1. W : LM3K
2. I: 123SA
3. N : DisneyRider
4. T : SIOH
5. E : mycutiepatooties
6. R : MDD

Grp M Spring MAKE 6
1. S : DisneyRider
2. P : chiefdragon
3. R: rlovew
4. I : SIOH
5. N: 123SA
6. G: mommy2mrb

Grp N Summer FULL MAKE 6
1. S: 123SA
2. U :SIOH
3. M: DisneyRider
4. M: AWM
5. E: wdwmickey
6. R: mycutiepatooties

Grp O Fall FULL MAKE 4
1. F : SIOH
2. A: LM3K
3. L : DisneyRider
4. L: mycutiepatooties

4” letter (Grp P & Q)
Grp P Holidays make 7
1 C - Christmas: dorecruise
2 T - Thanksgiving :wdwmickey
3 H - Halloween: hiclarke
4 4 – 4th of July : dorecruise
5 V – Valentine’s Day: DisneyRider
6 N – New Year’s Day : chiefdragon
7. S – St Patrick’s Day: LM3K

4” letter
Grp Q Seasons FULL MAKE 4
1. W - Winter: chiefdragon
2. S - Spring : hiclarke
3 S - Summer: rlovew
4 F - Fall : DisneyRider

Single Element (Grp R – Z): Each person picks one element. Max of 8 per group. No repeat elements, except for paper piecings & titles. Please state your element choice as soon as possible. If you are making a paper piecing or title, state what it is (example: Grp L, paper piecing of Dracula)

Grp R Christmas FULL MAKE 8
1 LM3K - title
2 123SA frames
4 dacky: pp
3 mycutiepatooties
5 mommy2mrb: mats
6 PN96 medallions
7 MDD: slidemounts
8 wdwmickey: borders

Grp R2 Christmas FULL MAKE 8
1 Mischief Managed
2 PirateTink: boxes
3 SharonC2010: mats
4 catinthehat35: shapes
5 123SA: border
6 hiclarke: title
7 LM3K: lyric
8 VickiV: license plate

Group S Vintage Christmas MAKE 5
1 123SA: mats
2 Mischief Managed
3 LM3K title: traditions
4 wdwmickey: box and shapes
5 Disney rider: tags

Grp T Halloween FULL MAKE 8
1 123SA: title Monsters
2 LM3K box & shapes
4. mycutie: mats
5 Michief Managed
6 PirateTink: Tags
7 catinthehat35: shapes
8 PrincessNancy96: mat and box

Grp T2 Halloween MAKE 7
1 DisneyRider: tags
2 123SA: title Pumpkin Patch
3 LM3K: title Monster
4 wdwmickey: borders
5 Princess Jayne: mats
6 VickiV: matchbook?
7 catinthehat35: boxes

Grp U Disney Halloween MAKE 8
1 LM3K: PP Mickey head pumpkin
2 123SA: mats
3 wdwmickey: PP headless horseman
4 Princess Jayne: boxes
5 Mischief Managed
6 Scrapmouse: shapes
7 sarah <3 Disney
8 Disney rider

Grp V Disney Christmas FULL MAKE 8
1 LM3K: PP Mickey gingerbread
2 mycutiepatooties: boxes
3 dorecruise: title Disney Christmas
4 dacky
5 123SA: shapes
6 MDD: mats
7 wdwmickey: slidemounts
8 Princess Jayne: santa mickey PP

Group V2 Disney Christmas FULL MAKE 8
1 Mischief Managed
2 123SA : layered diecuts, snowflakes
3 BAMB: title
4 wdwmickey: mats
5 LM3K : PP MIckey & Minnie peppermint heads
6 mycutiepatooties: shapes
7 Disney rider: PP pooh
8 VickiV: PPmaybe a Mickey snowman or a tinkerbell in a santa suit

Grp W Winter FULL MAKE 8
1 mycutiepatooties: PP cardinal on a snowy branch
2 RhondaGreene: journal boxes
3 catinthehat35: mats
4 Disney Rider: tags
5 BAMB: title
6 hiclarke: library pocket
7 LM3K: PP
8 wdwmickey: slide mounts

Grp Y Summer MAKE 4
1 Rhonda Greene: Beach Vacation
2 Disney Rider: tags (beach)
3 wdwmickey: beachy mats
4 LM3K : file foler or lib pocket

Grp Z Fall MAKE 5
1 Disney Rider: tags
2 LM3K: mat & box
3 wdwmickey: borders or title
4 VickiV: matchbook
5 catinthehat35: slidemounts

Mini Kit: title, one mat, one box, and one element
Groups 1-7

Grp 1. Holidays MAKE 4
1. Valentine’s Day: wdwmickey
2. St Patrick’s Day: LM3K
3. Easter: hiclarke
4. Mother’s Day: PirateTink

Grp 2. Holidays FULL MAKE 5
1. 4th of July : DisneyBarlans
2 Halloween: LM3K
3 Thanksgiving: mycutiepatooties
4 Christmas: PirateTink
5 New Year’s Eve: PrincessNancy96

Grp 3. Seasons FULL MAKE 4
1. Winter: DisneyBarlans
2. Spring: MazdaUK
3. Summer: mycutiepatooties
4. Fall : PirateTink

Grp 3A Seasons FULL MAKE 4
1 winter: LM3K
2 spring mommy2mrb
3 summer: Ohana 4
4 Fall: PrincessNancy96

Grp 4 Halloween FULL MAKE 5
1 123SA: Happy Halloween
2 mycutiepatooties: A Little Batty
3 MazdaUK: Pumpkins
4 PirateTink: Trick or Treat
5 LM3K: Happy Haunting

Grp 4A Halloween FULL MAKE 5
1 catinthehat35: pumpkin carving
2 Rhonda Greene The Pumpkin Patch
3 Princess Jayne: Spooky
5 hiclarke: Boo-tiful

Grp 5 Christmas MAKE 5
1 mommmy2mrb: Sants'a Here
2 123SA: Christmas Memories
3 wdwmickey: Follow the Star
4 PirateTink: Christmas Morning
5 LM3K: Silent Night

Grp 5A Christmas FULL MAKE 5
1 catinthehat: decorating the tree
2 RhondaGreene: opening presents
3 SharonC2010: Santa's Coming
4 Princess Jayne: It's Christmas
5 PrincessNancy96: Ho Ho Ho

Grp 5B Christmas FULL MAKE 5
1 RhondaGreene: Christmas Parades
2 catinthehat35: Stockings
3 BAMB: Cookies
4 LM3K: Merry & Bright
5 dacky

Group 6 Vintage Christmas MAKE 3
1 123SA: Jolly Holiday
2 MazdaUK:
3 LM3K: St Nick

Grp 7 Disney Holidays FULL MAKE 5
1 dacky: Oh Christmas Tree
2 123SA: Thanksgiving
3 wdwmickey: 4th of July
4 Scrapmouse: Easter
5 LM3K: Boo to You

PAGES: Sketches below, no repeats within a group.

Pages Group 8 – Christmas (state your title ASAP to avoid repeats) FULL
1 S2: 123SA Christmas
2 S8 : Mickeyteacher Opening Gifts
3 s1: AWM Trimming the Tree
4 S3: LM3K 'tis the Season

Grp 8A - Christmas FULL
1 S6: DisneyRider O Christmas Tree
2 S4: wdwmickey Naughty or Nice
3 S3: JulieK2000 Merry & Bright
4 S5: Ohana 4 presents

Grp 8B - Christmas FULL
1 S2: NemoMom07 Visit with Santa
2 S3: 123SA Toyland
3 S9: Mickeyteacher O CHristmas Tree
4 LM3K: Seasons Greetings

Pages Group 9 – Halloween (state your title ASAP to avoid repeats) FULL
1 S6: Disney rider Pumpkin theme
2 S7: LM3K Spooktacular
3 S1: Mickeyteacher Trick or Treat
4 S3: wdwmickey Too Cute to Spook

Group 9A - Halloween FULL
1 S3: 123SA Boo! or Halloween
2 S2: AWM Costumes
3 S5: JulieK2000 Sweet Treats
4 S9: NemoMom07 Spooky

Pages Group 10 – Seasons Full
1 Winter : S3: 123SA
2 Spring S7 AWM
3 Summer S6 DisneyRider
4 Fall: S9 Mickeyteacher

Grp 10A Seasons FULL
1 Winter: S2: LM3K Snow Angels
2 Spring: S9 VickiV
3 Summer: S1 wdwmickey All Wet
4 Fall: AWM


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Apr 12, 2005
sketches (click on sketch to activate slideshow):

For Sketch 8
options for the semi circle on the mats:
1. any embellishment - -flower, button, ribbon etc
2. a jounaling spot to be adhered by the recipient - -these would have to in a separate bag, paper clipped to the page if possible
3. weld a tab to write on in CDS


Groups A-O

More Grp A-O

Grps P and Q

Grps R-Z

Grps 1-7

Grps 8-10

Click to activate slideshow. As more photos are added, I will separate the slideshows into groups.
  • DisneyBarlans

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 28, 2007
    I'm definately in for several of the 2'' letter groups, and maybe a couple of the single element groups. Probably will not be joining the mini page kit or sketch groups.


    Mar 3, 2009
    I'm in for sure with the mini kits & a few 2" groups. I might not be able to resist the 4" or the single elements, but those would be 2nd on my list.


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 25, 2008
    I think I will be sitting this one out. I don't want to over-commit myself. I could angel for you if someone gets in a bind, though. :goodvibes Don't worry, the Zhu Zhu's have been given a stern lecture and they are sorry for the bad behavior. I don't think it will happen again.
  • wdwmickey

    Scrapbooking queen and food porn princess!
    Apr 3, 2007
    I think MusicalDisneyDreams and I would both like to play :goodvibes


    <font color=red>I was smart enough to marry a DH w
    Jul 29, 2004
    Definitely in for this one!! I am interested in just the 2" letters and the 4" ones! Looks like an awesome setup!!


    Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!
    Sep 26, 2004
    I'm interested too! definately the two letter groups, maybe the mini kits.


    <font color=deeppink>Okay, here I am, out of high
    Feb 1, 2006
    The Zhu Zhu's have been too busy at my house to bother tyniknate. :rotfl2:

    I'm thinking, 4", 2" and some sketches. :)
  • Mischief_Managed

    I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as
    Dec 26, 2007
    I would be interested in 2" letters, 4" letters, and the single elements - just the christmas and halloween ones. I would definitely join the Disney Holiday group - I know its a lot of groups already, but is there a way to make one Disney Halloween and one Disney Christmas group for the Single Element? If not, I would still join the one. Thanks!


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 12, 2005
    I would be interested in 2" letters, 4" letters, and the single elements - just the christmas and halloween ones. I would definitely join the Disney Holiday group - I know its a lot of groups already, but is there a way to make one Disney Halloween and one Disney Christmas group for the Single Element? If not, I would still join the one. Thanks!



    DIS Veteran
    Apr 12, 2005
    How do the words look? Anything I should add or take out? Is Presents a good one for Christmas?


    Mama to a Princess - But I'm A Scrap Princess!
    Sep 26, 2004
    How do the words look? Anything I should add or take out? Is Presents a good one for Christmas?
    I think so, how about SANTA or TREE, they could even be put in the same group since they are smaller words.


    Mar 31, 2010
    I'd be up for this one, but I'd like to see a vintage Christmas group if at all possible. I really like the vintage looks lately. I know there are a BUNCH of groups that I want to join.


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 12, 2005
    I'd be up for this one, but I'd like to see a vintage Christmas group if at all possible. I really like the vintage looks lately. I know there are a BUNCH of groups that I want to join.
    What kind of group? 2", kits, or single element?

    Arizona Rita

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 23, 2007
    I hope to be in but I have to wait and see. I may be chosen as a juror on a long running case and that will take up alot of time.
    Im mostly interested in Christmas and Halloween and will see what groups end up holding.


    Mar 31, 2010
    For the vintage, I'd be interested in letters, single elements or mini kits. Whatever you would have room to add.


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