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Beach Club Dee
Jul 19, 2008

My name is Dee and I will be your tour guide through my familys adventures at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and of course, Disney.

Our family has visited Disney World 4 times before this trip and we had one previous stay at The Theme Park Which Must Not Be Named. Before the boys were born, Mark and I made several magical visits to Disney as a couple, starting when we were seniors in high school on a class trip, a belated honeymoon trip and several others.

A lot of you know me already either from previous trip reports or from the Beach & Yacht Club FAQ thread. This was my first trip back to the Beach Club since I volunteered to manage that forum. As I told Mark when we arrived, Although I 'visit' this resort every day, I can't believe that I am actually here! It was surreal!

My husband Mark is the manager of a software development team. Our 27th wedding anniversary was on the last night of the trip and we celebrated by watching Wishes for first time ever at the Tomorrowland Dessert Party. I love this picture that Ben took.


Nate (15) will be a high school sophomore in the fall. A typical teen, he is a thrill junkie and absolutely loved our trip to Universal a couple of years ago. Nate was very appreciative throughout this trip and agreeable to doing what we wanted to do- a very refreshing change from our past couple of trips. When he declared This is the best vacation ever, it melted my heart!

This trip was a triumph for my 12 year old son, Ben, who feels he has been Disney-deprived. Our last real trip to the World was in 2010. We did visit the Magic Kingdom for one day in 2011, but he was envious of the trip Nate and I made last June with his 8th grade classmates.

Here is a little power point presentation Ben made to plead his case for a trip to Disney.

Ben's Powerpoint "Top Ten Reasons We Should Go to Disney! This Summer!!!

Although his presentation did not result in a trip last year, it did spark a trip report The Amazing Adventures of Flat Ben and Friends featuring other families who took pictures of different versions of Flat Ben at Disney, Universal, cruises and Mexico.

Surprisingly, this did not satisfy Bens desire for a trip to Disney.


Hears No Evil. Speaks No Evil. Sees No Evil. Refuses to Participate

We planned our first split-stay ever: 3 nights at the Hard Rock at Universal and 4 nights at my beloved Beach Club home.

We typically tour the parks pretty aggressively and dont spend much time taking breaks or relaxing at the resorts.

Our Commando Creed:

No sleeping in Orlando! That one is unfortunately kind of true as one of my 3 am postings demonstrated
No pool time! I happily broke this rule a couple of times
No shopping! I did make one special purchase from the BC Marketplace during the trip

And absolutely NO DANCING!!!

I met up with 3 DIS friends during this trip- Nannette and I enjoyed Grey Goose Slushies together during Illuminations on our first and her last evening at Disney. I ran into Catho72 and her lovely family several times during our stay, at the pool and in the lobby. And my family had a spectacularly fun dinner at Captain's Grille with our dear friend TeenaS. Actually, Buzzy the fly made an appearance on our very last day in an unexpected place. So 4 meets!

The title of this TR is based on a phrase we uttered to each other often during the trip. We had a few moments of silliness during the trip and we would say Knock off those hijinks and shenanigans! A couple of times, we left the boys alone in the room for a little bit after warning them There better not be any hijinks. Or shenanigans! Or if we saw misbehavior in the park... you get the idea.

Sit back, relax and keep your arms and legs inside the trip report at all times as I proudly present...

Hijinks and Shenanigans at The Dark Side and Disney

Next up: Its a Hard Rock Life!



Beach Club Dee
Jul 19, 2008
A Preview of some of the chapters...

Universal/Islands of Adventure/Hard Rock Hotel July 13-16

Arrival-It's a Hard Rock Life!
Room 5112

On Tour at the Hard Rock Hotel
Be Our Guest (Lobby and Public Areas)
A Few of My Favorite Things (Memorabilia)
I Melt With You (Emack & Bolios)
Twistin' by the Pool
(Rockaway) Beach Club (Poolside Bar and Restaurant)
Get Busy (Resort Activities)
Walk This Way

Universal Studios:

Intro: Universal and Islands of Adventure, July 13-16

"Jerome, Phone Home"
Hollywood (Horror Makeup Show)
Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone (ET)

"Don't Have a Cow, Man!"
Simpsons, The Ride

"We DON'T Dine with the Fishes"
Lombard's Landing Part 1
Lombard's Landing Part 2

"Men (Women & Children) in Black"

It's A Wrap!

A City That Doesn't Sleep

Islands of Adventure

Tuesday July 16, Last Morning at Islands of Adventure

Note: I decided to switch over to the Disney portion of the report at this point and will go back to the rest of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. However, I did continue reporting over on the Universal Studios Trip Report subforum and got through all of Universal Studios. I haven't started IoA, yet, though.

Link to Universal Studios 2013 trip report

Food Porn:

We DON'T Dine With Fishes
I Retain My Parotthead Status
A meal that was not as bad as expected
Eat, Forrest, Eat!


Disney/Beach Club July 16-20

Tuesday July 16

The Beach Club
Welcome Home!

Check Out Our Room!
Room 5709
What a View!
What a View (Morning and Night)

Magic Kingdom
I Waited OVER ONE YEAR for this Lunch!
Mother of the Year Award Goes to...

That's No Way To Teach Us A Lesson!
That's No Way To Teach Us A Lesson! La Hacienda de San Angel
GGS and Illuminations with a friend

Wednesday July 17

We Got Moused!
Is this the Blizzard Beach Bus or AK?

Animal Kingdom
The End is Near! (Wait, Didn't We Just Get Here?)
Are We Having Fun, Yet(i)?
Sa Fari-So Good
Sa Fari-So Good, Continued
On The Road to Asia
Yeti, Yet Again
Here, Kitty Kitty!
Let's Give It Another Whirl

Hollywood Studios
Lunch in Space: Sci-Fi
Things are really going down around here!
Attempting Two Tours at HS
Catastrophe! At Last, Part 1
Catastrophe! At Last, Part 2

Beach Club Break

My Precious!
Fireworks and Friends at the pool

Thursday July 18

Magic Kingdom
You have 4 minutes for a bathroom break!
You have 4 minutes for a bathroom break! (continued)
Best Breakfast in the World
Double Triple Mountain Whammy!
Double Triple Mountain Whammy! Continued

Sum Fun in EPCOT, Part 1
Sum Fun in EPCOT (How long does it take to get a churro?)

Beach Club/Yacht Club

Day Ain't Over Yet: Illuminations

Friday July 19: An Anniversary to Remember


Private Entrance, Soarin

Back to the Future World:
Part 1: LWTL, Soarin', Club Cool, Sum of All Thrills
Part 2: Lunching in the Land!
Part 3: Wow! We haven't done THAT in awhile! Living Seas & Hijinks & Shenanigans! Mission Space, Test Track

We'll Always Have Paris

Beach Club
Stormalong Bay
Lazy River/Hot Tub
Let's Ride the Slide!
Ode to My "First" Sunken Treasure

Magic Kingdom

A Nosh in the Lounge, Desperate Measures to Dodge the Rain, Part 1
Desperate Measures to Dodge the Rain, Part 2.

Wishes it Would Stop Raining! Just Desserts
Wishes it Would Stop Raining! The Main Event

Saturday July 20

Bye Bye Bags

Hollywood Studios

I'm not proud of what I did (well, maybe a little)
Karma Bites Me in the Butt
Not-so-Great Movie Ride

Back at the Ranch:
Perfect Solution for Lunch
Somewhere Down the Lazy River: SAB

That's It! Go Home!

Help us Plan Our Summer 2014 Vacation
Summer 2014 Vacation Revealed

Preview Trip Report Pictures:

Grand Californian
California Adventure
Maui, Activities
Big Island
Volcanoes by Land and Air

Link to Trip Report: A Tale of Two Trips: Disneyland and Hawaii, July 2014

That's Life!

Trills and Thrills: Six Flags New England

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  • Britard

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    Can't wait to hear more!

    I love how your son "persuaded" you to take him to Disney! That was awesome!:rotfl:
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    Jan 25, 2011
    I'm here! Subbing! Waiting to hear all about your trip and stealing your hardcore touring tactics. :)
  • saintstickets

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    Aug 30, 2009
    I'm in and looking forward to a BC report from an expert!! DW and I have our first stay at BCV in October so don't spare the details!! :lmao:


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    Mar 5, 2007
    Followed you over from the YC&BC thread! :goodvibes Looking forward to reading all about your trip. We hope to do a Universal/WDW split next summer. :thumbsup2



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    Jun 8, 2006
    Yay!! Although it was sad when your trip ended, I was excited because I knew your trip report would soon begin.

    Soooo, Yay!!! Can't wait to read all about the hijinks and especially the shenanigans. :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

    (I will work hard to show more enthusiasm than NinjaMom in all of my posts!)

    Best Aunt

    "That's the best-est present ever!"
    May 1, 2009
    I was hoping you'd do a trip report! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Hard Rock, since I haven't been there since 2006.

    We still don't know where in Orlando LeakyCon 2014 will be, but I'd love to hear about HRH in case that's one of the hotels which will be affiliated with the conference.

    - Best Aunt


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