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    Aug 3, 2002
    Hello all. Sorry about posting this late but I really haven't gotten a chance till now. Our cruise was in one word- "MAGICAL"!! It was myself, my DH, and DS. First of all, I wanted to take this chance to thank all of you for your helpful information, especially to Barb and Tony's website, Dave's website, and to all of my fellow DISers. A big thanks goes out to Andy, aka Verandah Man. I got alot of comments about our t-shirts that we all wore on embarkation day, thanks again Andy!!!
    Now to the highlights!!
    We had Sasha ffrom Croatia, and Andras from Hungary for our servers. They were the best!!!! They made sure we had enough to eat each night. I should also explain that my husband and I were celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary, and my graduation from college on this cruise. My DH and I were renewing our vows on the cruise. So, we all had a great time overall.
    I attended a DIS meet on Sunday. I got to finally meet: Webmaster Penny, Beth C. and her husband Chris C., Disneykins and their two kids. I also met later in the day the famous "floridaminnie". (Hi Suzanne!!)
    We did the Saint Maarten tour and Butterfly Farm tour. We enjoyed ourselves. In St. Thomas, we just went shopping. We also enjoyed greatly the days at sea. My DH spent most of the days at Diversions watching the bowl games. We had a great time on New Years Eve on the ship, parties everywhere!!! My DH had a little too much fun!!!
    Our vow renewal ceremony was scheduled for New Years Day (sea day). My onboard coordinator, Sonja, was the best!! She made sureI had everything and if I needed something, she got it for me. I had people coming up to me while I was getting my hair and nails done congratulating me. The ceremony was so beautiful, I will never forget it. We had our picures taken and the whole time we heard clapping and cheers. We went to drop our DS off at Parrot Cay for dinner and the whole restraunt eruptted in cheers and claps. My DH and I ate at Palos that evening. The food was excellent and the service was great. We enjoyed ourselves at Castaway Cay.
    Now that we are back home and back to our routine, I find myself wishing that we were back on board.
    Sorry this is so long but I wanted to say thanks for all of your help in bringing a little "magic" to our cruise.
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    Sounds like you had a great time. Just think...you're newlyweds all over again!
    Which local airport did you use? Did you book your own air?
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    May 5, 2002
    Are you talking about Beth Czada from DU? If so, she is our TA for our upcoming trip. She has been so wonderful to work with! I will be sure to let her know that I read your magical trip report!
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    Jan 24, 2003
    It was so great to hear that your cruise was truly MAGICal, thanks for sharing!!!

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