Hi! I'm brand new! Can u please help me?

Princesss Ash

Earning My Ears
Feb 16, 2002
Hi All,

I've been on this site a couple of times, but have finally gotten permission to log in! Yahoo! I'm sooo excited!

Ok, here's my first question :confused: How do you change just your user name? As I'm sure you can all see, I have a typo in my name. That extra "s" must be deleted!!

Welcome to the DIS.
The only way to change your user name is to register again and start over from scratch.

Good Luck. :)
Simply log out, and click on the "register" button at the top of your page. :)

howdy! :wave:

welcome to DIS!! :) :)

it shouldnty be a big deal to start over...you will only lose 12 posts..you can gain them back easy :)


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