Hi ho silver day 4 - But Mum I Wanted to Get Wet!

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    Jul 26, 2001
    Tuesday 30 October - But Mum, I wanted to get wet

    Julie (38) - demented planner
    Brian (40) - planning, what’s that?
    Michael (11) - quiet, clone of his Dad, hormones just starting to kick in, auditioning for Snow White’s 8th dwarf, Grouchy
    Andrew (5½) - not quiet, mummy’s boy, very fussy eater, favourite saying of the holiday “Excuse me, is this ride scary?”

    The Plan - Kennedy Space Centre

    As we had rearranged our plans for yesterday we decided to do Sea World today, Kennedy tomorrow, and then we would be back on track for MGM on Thursday.

    After debating whether or not to make a request to change rooms because of the traffic noise, we decided that as the noise was not stopping us from getting to sleep at night because we were so exhausted, and was waking us up early which is what we wanted to do anyway we would leave it. Think we made a good decision in the end as we didn’t hear a single sound from anyone around us inside the hotel which must be the first time in any hotel anywhere.

    Breakfast in the hotel again and arrived at Sea World just after they opened at 9.00 am. Paid an extra couple of dollars for Shamu’s preferred parking but then had to laugh as we were directed to an empty car park and ended up parking further away than we would have done in the normal spaces !!

    Wandered into the park and had already decided to take it a bit easier today after yesterday’s marathon round Epcot. First stop turtles and tropical reef, then Andrew spotted the swan paddle boats and of course he wanted a go. The boats would only hold one adult and two children or three children so very reluctantly I offered to fetch drinks for everyone while Brian did all the hard work paddling the boat. After sneaking into a few shops and with drinks duly purchased I returned just as their time was up and they were getting back to dry land.

    Next stop was the 11.30 Shamu show and we got there in plenty of time to get really good seats, Brian and Michael in the splash zone, Andrew and I with more sense a bit further back. Pre-show quiz was good fun and then, suddenly, look Andrew, we’re on the big screen. Isn’t it exciting when that happens. The Shamu show was brilliant. The interaction and trust between the animals and the trainers is unbelievable. Michael was very disappointed that he didn’t get wet even though he was in the splash zone but more about that later.

    Next we decided to grab Shamu ice cream bars and head for the Intensity Games water ski show. Again brilliant, and huge cheers all around the arena for the finale with the American Flags. The Americans are so proud of their country and it was really nice to see.

    Next we headed for Wild Arctic, along with everyone else in the stadium. Luckily we were ahead of them, but still a big mistake - we queued up for about 10 minutes and were just nearing the next intake of people when they announced that the ride was broken and they didn’t know when it would re-open. Apparently Journey to Atlantis had also broken down over the other side of the park and the engineers had to finish working on that before they came over to fix Wild Arctic. Decided to walk through which we were a bit disappointed about, but aren’t the polar bears awesome and really graceful when they are swimming.

    Bypassed Shamu’s Happy Harbour with a promise to the boys that we would be back with their swimming costumes but sadly we never did have time for another couple of hours at Seaworld.

    Next stop was the Hospitality Centre for a delicious ice cold bud. Why doesn’t it taste like this at home? and round to Terrors of the Deep for a close encounter with the sharks and Pacific Point Preserve to feed the sea lions.

    Brian then decided to see what the lines for Kraken were like and as it was a walk on he decided to give it a go. I still did not feel up to braving anything remotely like a roller coaster as I am a complete roller coaster wuss so let him get on with it. Michael didn’t fancy it either, which he now really regrets having ridden some of the other major thrill rides. Brian was suitably impressed by the ride and we just had time for the penguin encounter before we had to head back for the Shamu Rocks America show at 5.45 pm.

    Michael didn’t want to take any chances about not getting wet this time and as we had spare clothes in the bag for him he took his shoes and socks off and sat in the first row of the splash zone (on his own I might add) and got absolutely drenched but he was happy. Liked this show even more than the other one. Think the music and lighting just make it even more special.

    Quick change of clothes for Michael and that was it, Seaworld was now closed for the day so very reluctantly we left, still with so many things we would have liked to do if we had had the time.

    Brian was getting quite adventurous with the driving now so we decided to head up I-Drive for somewhere to eat and settled on the Ponderosa opposite Pirates Cove Mini Golf. Great value meal, Brian and I both had steak and the kids had hot dogs and many trips to the buffet.

    Waddled back to the hotel after another busy day and straight to bed - no time or energy for any night life !!!!

    Tomorrow - Kennedy Space Centre
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Ohhh Happy memories of Sea World :) such a nice park! I find it hard to pick out a favourite feature of Sea World - I just enjoy it all :) :)

    Another great report Julie - thank you.

    I think Michael is very brave to sit in the Splash Zone - NO WAY JOSE!

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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