HHN 28 Weekend-Completed 11/10


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Sep 15, 2015
Oh my goodness we would excellent HHN buddies......I agree with everything you said about the houses...….
We would I noticed that too! :rotfl:

Yes, when someone presses the red button in Carnival Graveyard someone else gets sprayed...….lol...….loved that house!!!
Yup when Josh pushed it I got hit with the water :laughing:

Loved Slaughter Sinema too, and now though I have to go check out Curious George!!!!! I have never noticed that before...…….:rotfl:
I wonder if it looks different when the water is on? (It looks like a fountain), but when we walked by it looked like the pole was right there :rotfl:

Loving your report :thumbsup2
Thank you!

Those leggings were amazing too. Where did you get them.
They have them at the event, I bought them in the big HHN merch shop on the first day. I think you can buy them all online too.


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Apr 21, 2003
The first red button in that house will spray water on the person in front of you

The second red button in the same house sprays water on the person that pushes it


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Sep 15, 2015
Stranger Things
September 16th, Part 1

Maybe this post isn't too strange :scratchin, but oh well. (This is going to be a review of our Homecomin' brunch).

Honestly after we all stayed pretty late at HHN, and then we were up for awhile after showering and such because it was grossly hot out I wasn't sure if we'd all be too tired for brunch at 10:30 am, but despite leaving a little later than planned and having to take an Uber we all made it there!

Here's us before leaving the room that morning:

I tried to take this when we were walking into DS, and I didn't realize that it was so hot, that my camera was all hazy :rotfl:

This is mostly a food review so I'll start with our appetizers!

Church Lady Deviled Eggs

HFK-style whole deviled eggs

(I actually didn't realize the camera was all hazy until after I took this first photo).

We usually get these, but this time we shared them with Zack too. As usual these were piled so high with filling that everyone looks ridiculous eating them, but were so delicious it was worth it.

@amalone1013 and I shared:

House-made Doughnuts
Mini iced doughnuts piled with pecans, bacon and drizzled with house-made caramel. Or dusted with sugar and served with spiced cane syrup and seasonal fruit

Usually I don't really like bacon and sweet things together, but these were so amazingly good! We each had one and then split the third yum :lovestruc

Here's our entrees:

I got the:

Hallelujah Biscuit
Open-faced biscuit topped with Chef Art’s famous fried chicken, two over-easy eggs, pimento cheese, pecan-smoked bacon and smothered in sawmill gravy. with potatoes gratin

This was actually really delicious (although it was hard to get everything in one bite). It was very messy, and definitely couldn't be picked up like a sandwich, but it was delicious and everything worked well together. It was also very filling since I think I only made it through one side of it. I'd heard this was one of the best things on the brunch menu, and I'd agree. The potatoes were very cheesy and buttery, and I did enjoy those too even though I didn't make it through much of them.

I don't have a picture of Alyssa's meal because it was almost the same as mine except she got her eggs scrambled.

Josh got the:

Grand-daddy Plate
Three eggs any-style, pecan-smoked bacon (No ham or biscuits), with potatoes gratin and a fruit plate

There weren't too many gluten free options on the menu, but Josh got one that included bacon and eggs. (I'm not sure if the one I saw on the menu now is the right one because I don't see ham in this picture and that one includes ham). I mostly remember that Josh was disappointed with the fruit selection being mostly melons/watermelons because he isn't the biggest fan of those and he thought the potatoes were too buttery just like the regular ones, but overall thought his meal was okay.

Alyssa can correct me if I'm wrong because I didn't write it down, but it looks like Zack got:

Short Rib Hash

Two sunny-side up eggs over our short rib hash with grilled corn succotash, potatoes, onions, red bell and Fresno peppers for a bit of a kick. Served with a cheddar cheese drop biscuit and pecan smoked bacon

I think both Alyssa and Zack liked their meals, but I didn't ask them to give me detailed reviews so she'll have to let me know in the comments :rotfl:

We asked our waitress to take some pictures since we established the group selfie thing was too hard for us the other night :laughing:


Then Alyssa and I took a selfie:

We stayed and chatted for awhile after we had finished eating, and overall I think we spent about 2 hours at Homecomin. It was a nice leisurely brunch, and it was nice to sit and chat for awhile (in somewhere air conditioned that wasn't an HHN line :rotfl:).

After lunch Josh grabbed some charcoal soap at Basin and these socks at Stance:

We had a long wait at the bus stop to get back, and then we rested for awhile in the hotel. My throat had been starting to feel scratchy and I was pretty sure I was coming down with something, and I also didn't really want to go back outside while it was so hot out so we watched some Lifetime movies ::yes:: (The Bad Seed one and one about a stalker) before we went out again.

Next Up
We briefly head to F&W before heading back to HHN
& I should have another vlog posted soon from the AOV show

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  • Raeven

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    Sep 15, 2015
    Your Homecomin' brunch looks delicious!!:thumbsup2

    Josh's socks are cute!!
    Yes it was so good!

    Haha they are! I love them and I wish the ones they had for women were as cool (Stance doesn’t have a huge women’s selection). He has a Friday the 13th pair too.


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    Jan 1, 2014
    I was so torn between the ham buns and trying the brunch menu, you food looks delicious sorta wish I would have tried that.

    I love reading about the HHN, so cool!


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    Feb 7, 2008
    Haha they are! I love them and I wish the ones they had for women were as cool (Stance doesn’t have a huge women’s selection). He has a Friday the 13th pair too.
    I've never heard of Stance (I'm old!!) but just went online to check the store out! They have such cute things!! I'm always looking for some stocking stuffer gifts for my sons. I think a couple pairs of Stance socks would be wonderful! :thumbsup2
  • Raeven

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    Sep 15, 2015
    I was so torn between the ham buns and trying the brunch menu, you food looks delicious sorta wish I would have tried that.

    I love reading about the HHN, so cool!
    I hadn’t read the best brunch reviews prior to going, but I did really like my dish.

    HHN is one of my favorite things, so I love to share how awesome it is with everyone. It’s really cool how they do everything.

    I've never heard of Stance (I'm old!!) but just went online to check the store out! They have such cute things!! I'm always looking for some stocking stuffer gifts for my sons. I think a couple pairs of Stance socks would be wonderful! :thumbsup2
    I’ve only seen that one in DS so I don’t think it’s an age thing :rotfl: Josh loves unique socks. Another place I’ve gotten him some are from a site called Sock It To Me, check those out too!


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    Feb 7, 2008
    Another place I’ve gotten him some are from a site called Sock It To Me, check those out too!
    I checked out Sock it to Me- love it!! I picked out quite a few pairs of socks for my sons and DS's girlfriend, too!! Thanks!:)


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    Sep 15, 2015
    Carnival Graveyard
    September 16th, Part 2

    So after watching Lifetime movies for awhile we decided to venture out. Since earlier in the day I had been feeling like I was coming down with something so I hadn't wanted to go outside while it was hot out. We had tickets for MNSSHP that night, and had planned to leave early and go back to HHN for awhile. However when it got closer I just didn't feel like going, and I felt like I'd probably only feel well enough to do one of those things so we opted to just go to HHN. Besides the waste of money, I felt good about that decision because we really enjoyed HHN this year, and we weren't done going through all the houses yet.

    (Me during HHN :rotfl:)

    Also as I mentioned in the PTR I'm writing for my next trip over on the Disney boards, we've decided to take a break from Disney and our next Orlando trip will be some other parts of Florida and Universal. (Although we also plan to return to HHN).

    I still plan to share our adventures on the appropriate boards (the next one I'll definitely post here), but we won't be renewing our Disney AP's. Part of the reason we decided not to renew, was that i just didn’t feel as excited as usual to go to the Disney Parks on this trip. I’m sure that’ll change in the future, but I figured for now it would be a good time to take a break from having AP’s.

    When we got to Epcot it seemed like it was going to rain (although it didn't until much later in the night).
    We decided to split up so we could each hit a different booth and then meet back up to eat.


    Josh got the:

    Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans, Tomato and Onions from Brazil

    He liked this dish and enjoyed it last year as well.

    I got the:

    Beer-braised Beef served with Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes from Belgium

    This is always one of my favorite dishes every year. I think the beef is so tender, and the gouda flavor in the potatoes is really delicious.

    To split Josh also grabbed:

    Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Bread from Brazil

    We each had one. These are warm and the cheese is all melty and gooey. I don't even think these taste like they're GF.

    We briefly stopped in the store in Japan, but this time Josh didn't find anything. We also stopped in the Kawaii exhibit where I took this picture:

    Afterwards I think I stopped for a chocolate and caramel covered strawberry at Karamel Kuche, but I ate it before I took a picture so you'll have to use your imagination. :rotfl:


    Next I got:

    Coconut Rice Pudding served with Mango Coulis from Mexico

    This was my favorite new thing I tried this year. I love rice pudding, and I thought this was really good (minus the edible flower on top which I didn't like).

    We also split the Le Cellier filet around this point (the picture came out horribly so I deleted it). We were a bit disappointed as this year it was smaller and the meat wasn't as tender as usual. We've heard complaints over the years that it isn't always good, but this was the first year we've gotten a crappy piece.

    giphy (1).gif

    At this point we were winding down. We didn't get to a ton of food, but we wanted to get to Horror Nights and felt like we had already tried most of the things we wanted. (Although looking back we didn't eat much. Which makes sense because I was sick, but I guess the brunch was more filling for Josh than I thought).

    A few more stops. I got the:

    The Steakhouse Blended Burger: Blended Beef and Wild Mushroom Slider with Brie Cheese Fondue, Arugula, Truffle and Blue Cheese Potato Chip on a Brioche Bun from Earth Eats

    It was okay, but I didn't think it was anything that special. Mine had A LOT of arugula on it and I didn't think the meat tasted that great.

    Josh also grabbed some Kombucha shots from that booth (I don't know if they were shots but they were really small). They did advertise a flight on the menu, but I guess by that point (so like 2-3 weeks in) they were no longer doing the flight so he bought 2 separate ones.

    Finally I got:

    Loaded Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Nueske’s® Pepper Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Peppers and Green Onions from Active Eats

    This was one of my favorite dishes last year, and probably the worst one I had this year. I ended up not finishing it, the cheese wasn't really creamy at all it was just kind of dry and spicy.

    giphy (2).gif

    So we headed out before the fireworks crowd gathered to catch an Uber over to Universal. Which ended up being a bit difficult since where you wait for an Uber was in an area that it was impossible for an Uber to get to by following the regular roads. (I'm guessing because of constant road construction GPS wasn't in line with where it was). Luckily, we ended up spotting our Uber driver across the street after he made a few trips in a circle so we were just able to meet him there, and head over.

    Next Up

    Our final night at HHN!

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    Sep 15, 2015
    September 16th, Part 3

    We were headed to our final night at HHN!

    We took some pictures on the way in:

    (I think Josh was trying to be inside the TV :rotfl:)

    We decided to use our EP for Poltergeist since we missed it on our other nights, and we thought it was amazing! I didn't expect that at all because we aren't the biggest fans of the movie, but the house was incredible. There was rain and wind in the house which was great because it was hot out again :rotfl: Although it was disappointing to read in @schumigirl's TR that a lot of the effects weren't working after the first week, so I'm glad we saw it when we did. There were big puppets and everything. They did a really amazing job with that house. We also did Scary Tales again, and I got to see the witch effect near the end that I had missed the first time.

    Afterwards it started pouring so we headed to the closest place we could find for shelter which was Monsters Cafe. A lot of people had headed in there and there wasn't a lot of free space, but we managed to find a table where we could wait out the rain. It stopped after about a half hour and we headed back out.

    We decided to take one last ride on Men In Black:

    And.... I won! :cheer2:

    This is the first time I beat Josh on a trip instead of tying with him so I was pretty excited :rotfl:

    Afterwards we went over to Slaughter Sinema because I had to go through it one last time. The line was actually moving pretty steadily until we got near the entrance and then it came to a halt. Unlike the night before there wasn't anything communicated to the line at all so I have no idea why we stopped. We did get to watch all the trailers (more than once) for the fake movies which was fun, but when they started to replay and we had been standing in the same spot for like a half hour and the smell of fake popcorn was making me gag a little it really wasn't too much fun :rotfl: I ended up sitting on the ground for awhile, and after a little bit the line started moving again. Still no idea what happened, but we did get to do Slaughter Sinema one last time. I had fun looking for all the little details, and I'm definitely sad that was our last time through the house.

    And finally our last stop of HHN was at the Killer Klowns scarezone. I had wanted to wait for the way back because during the storm a lot of scare actors had gone inside (I assume), and they hadn't come back out right away. I really wanted to take a picture with the Klown that had the balloon dog this night since I hadn't gotten to any of the other nights.

    And I found him! I look particularly joyful because I got to help the Klown hold the balloon dog :rotfl:

    Here's some pictures of Josh with the cotton candy cocoons:

    Really cool detail that I didn't notice right away was that there were faces in these:

    One of the Klowns stood outside the "shops" waiting much like in the movie:

    Oh, and we also walked through some other scarezones on the way out, but that was our last planned stop. We still didn't see Chucky, so he wasn't out any of the nights!

    I wanted a picture with the sign because of my shirt, but it didn't come out at all:

    Goodbye HHN28 :sad: I wish we could've spent longer there, but only 10 more months until HHN29!


    When we left we caught the first water taxi headed to a resort (so we could Uber from there). It ended up being to Royal Pacific which we've stayed at the last few times. We missed staying there so Josh wanted a picture with his favorite bench :rotfl:

    He's making quite the eyes at me there :rotfl:

    So here's my final house rankings and scarezone rankings, considering HHN is ending tonight :sad:


    1. Slaughter Sinema
    2. Poltergeist
    3. Scary Tales
    4. Stranger Things
    5. Trick R Treat
    6. Carnival Graveyard
    7. Dead Exposure
    8. Halloween 4
    9. Blumhouse 2.0
    (This would've been last but I decided the Happy Death Day section redeemed it a little).
    10. Seeds of Extinction


    1. Killer Klowns From Outerspace
    2. Vamp '85
    3. Twisted Traditions
    4. Child's Play
    5. The Harvest

    Next Up
    WE eat some delicious food in DS on our last day.

    tenor (1).gif

    Also I'm already starting to pack for our next trip!

    We'll be in Orlando for 9 days in Nov/Dec. We're doing a few day trips in the beginning (St Augustine, Sarasota), but we're also trying out Seaworld, seeing more of Orlando, and spending the last couple days at Universal. We'll be staying at the Dolphin again for 3 days, and the Hard Rock for the rest!

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    May 15, 2007
    Loved reading your report!!!!

    And yep, those cocoons.....I didn't notice the faces till I looked at our pictures and thought it was an anomaly at first...….lol...….it was creepy!!!

    You did well in the days you were there though.....and your next trip is just around the corner!!!

    Will look out for you as we are there from Nov 29th till Dec 9th at RPR...….

    But, really enjoyed reading along this one too......:thumbsup2


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    Sep 15, 2015
    Loved reading your report!!!!
    Thank you for reading along! There's still a little bit to go, but we didn't get to much on our last day because I wasn't feeling well.

    You did well in the days you were there though.....and your next trip is just around the corner!!!

    Will look out for you as we are there from Nov 29th till Dec 9th at RPR...….
    We did get to see a lot while we were there! Yes, 25 days! Maybe we'll run into you there, our dates are about the same :rotfl: and we should be at Universal around the mid to end of that week.


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