Hershey/Southwest Promo Cerificate Still Not Here?


Earning My Ears
Jul 14, 2000
On October 18th I sent in my request for 4 sets of certificates. I received 3 and in the meantime sent out the one more request. I received that one within a few weeks. I still have not received one of the first ones (mine, actually). I called the 800 number someone posted and spoke with Kim about 6-8 weeks ago. I was told the last one would be found and sent. Still nothing after several more calls. Is there another phone number? Has anyone else had a lost one turn up? I am getting frustrated!! Any help from someone who has had this problem solved would be helpful!!o


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Hey its me again, Piratesjackmom, im still waiting for all of mine, i mailed the first two on Dec. 11, and 3 more in the next 3 weeks, I have made three phones calls, no certificates yet. My friend sent in four Dec. 18 and received one GC in about two weeks, thats it, no more? When i called today they said they were swamped with upcs, it would take a while longer. Im keeping my fingers crossed. Magic7-7-01?
We mailed 8 the first week of January and we received all 8 this Monday!! I thought it would take longer. Hope you see your's soon!
Still waiting, since Dec. 11. I received a letter with 1/2 upcs saying that i only used one name. Returned next day with another name, sent three more after Dec. and still nothing. Should I be worried? My friend sent in 4 Dec. 18, received one GC only? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

Well, im still waiting called customer service again today, 3rd time nothing yet. ANyone else? Its been 3 months on the 11th. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I had to reply as I'm relieved to know that others are still waiting for some of their certs. In late October, I mailed in upcs for me and my DH (in the SAME envelope). I received my certs in December, but not my DHs. I've called Hershey's Jan, Feb, and March and have been told that inquirys are posted/given to the clearance center that's handling this deal. Also, was told there was an overwhelming response, insufficient certs to handle all requests, etc. I'll keep calling each month until I receive the missing certs and post when I do receive it (I HOPE). Thanks for posting on this and I'll keep watching for any updates...Thanks again all!

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