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My it does look GRAND doesn't it!!
I'm not sure that they'll even let me in!!!!!!


Wow, thanks for the pics. It looks like a beautiful and serene hotel and surroundings. Jeez, I'm going to need a wardrobe update for this place!
Good pictures! Thanks for posting!
What was the cost of the Sun. buffet? They'll be 7 in our party which includes 3 kids that are small eaters so I always like to know ahead of time!

I'll have to search for the recipts, but it cost us $63 for 4 adults and 1 child. 2 adults ordered breakfast off of the menu and the other 2 and child had the buffet. I want to say it was $12, but I really don't remember. Sorry, I'll dig around and see what I come up with.
I ate at the breakfast buffet on Sunday. It was $12.95 for the full breakfast buffet (hot stuff like eggs, sausage, etc. and cold stuff like bagels, cereal, etc.). The cold stuff only buffet was $6.95. The meal includes coffee, juice, and water.


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Nice pics! :D :cool:

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