Oct 16, 2016
I had forgotten we got the cheeseburger spring rolls. They were delicious and as good as ever- the 1 bright spot in MK food.

Today we’re going to Epcot when we hop this afternoon. Food from the festival has been consistently good but we’re trying the bbq from Regal Eagle for the first time. Fingers crossed!
Regal Eagle was really good when I tried it on my last trip…one of the better QS meals I had.


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Mar 4, 2016
Just FYI...the Backlot Express actually has a great Cuban Sandwich and the Wookie Cookie🙂 and you can fill your own drinks.
Yes! Backlot Express was surprisingly good. We went in with low expectations but ended up enjoying the Cuban and the southwest salad.


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Sep 30, 2018
Can you explain more about the blue umbrellas? Do you mean you can get the DAS passes issued for the trip at one of these locations? Or can you get a return time for any ride at one of the blue umbrellas? Example: if you are at an umbrella by Splash but can get a return time for Space mountain without walking over to the actual ride?
When it comes to the "Blue Umbrellas" and DAS:

--The Guest Experience Blue Umbrella can set a DAS return time for you for any ride. These are dedicated CMs in spots like right outside Galaxy's Edge by the Muppets in DHS in addition to the Guest Services at the front of the park. They are there to help with all kinds of issues you would go to Guest Services about (for example: you get a RISE boarding group, but realize that one of your friends isn't connected on MDE)

--The person assigning return times for DAS at an attraction can typically only do that particular ride.


Jul 31, 2018
Totally agree with you guys on this. Today was the first day I have been to Universal since I was a kid. Islands of Adventure was pretty awesome. My 19 and 10 year old daughters had a great time. We have been in the Disney World for the previous 4 days. Today was a big eye opener. Universal is just currently doing things way better than Disney. The customer experience is 10 times better.
Slightly off topic but in case people weren’t aware, when COVID hit, the way Universal went about their employees was SO MUCH better than Disney. So when it was time to call employees back, universal didn’t struggle nearly as much which i would say is pretty evident. I’m sure everyone can make their own opinions of the CMs at Disney vs. Universal right now and I’m also sure there will always be exceptionally good and bad instances with CMs but food for thought


When is the 3:00 parade?
Jun 16, 2011
Epcot and transfer day today! ( Boardwalk to Polynesian)

Checkout is at 11am and we have an 11:35am Beaches&Cream ADR. So we plan to pack up, take bags to bell services at 11 to transfer to the Poly then walk to the Beach club for our B&C ADR. After that we’ll walk to Epcot to have some fun!

Primary goal at Epcot is to ride TT at some point plus some of the secondary attractions, and to explore some of the countries that we’ve missed so far. We are not rope dropping EP. We love our Epcot day to truly sleep in

Super excited to stay at the Poly, our first time! We’re in a lake view deluxe studio.


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