Help with planning wedding advice please


Earning My Ears
Jan 6, 2014
We are planning our wedding next June it was the 5th but if we do a disney wedding it would be the 4th.
Thinking Grand Floridian
Either 930 or noon ceremony
Brunch for our reception of about 20 people
Cake cut
First dance
We are bringing our music since fiance is a DJ

My fiance wants to try and get it less then 8k.
I want Disney photographers i think whats your thoughts?
If i dont do Disney flowers who do i use or would you go with Disney floral ?plus i need hair and make up done? Dothey provide someone to marry you or do we need to arrange that?

5k doesn't seem like i will get what i want really am i better off sticking with 8k?
Fiance said just pick what u want i told him it be over 30k lol. He said we can move the date. Nope i don't want to move the date lol


The Attic was just perfect!
Aug 24, 2006
If you want the Wedding Pavilion on June 4th, a Friday, you'll need to meet an overall Event Minimum of $15,000.

For an outdoor ceremony venue at the Grand Floridian, the Event Minimum will be $8,000. Of that, $2,500 will cover the Ceremony Venue Fee, leaving you $5,500 to play with for everything else you get from Disney.

To provide brunch, you'll need to spend $140/person if you have a 9:30am ceremony or $165/person if you have a noon ceremony, so that's $2,800 or $3,300. A cake starts at $250, a music hookup for you player starts around $500 indoors (free at the WP) or $1,000 outdoors, a bridal bouquet starts at $250. Disney photography for 5 hours of coverage costs $2,599. Cosmetology starts at around $250/person and is not provided by Disney; you need an outside vendor for that. You also have to provide the officiant, which starts around $300; they will give you a list of approved officiants.

On top of that you will have a 25% service charge on all food, beverages, cake and the music hookup, plus 6.5% tax on everything excluding photography but including the service charge. If you have my Fairytale Weddings Guide eBook, you can use it to find the prices for everything you want and then plug them into the auto-calculating budget worksheet that starts on page 244. It will show you your exact total, including tax and service charge.

This episode of the Disney Wedding Podcast covers how pricing works and how to stick to a small budget:

I would use outside photography, since it allows you to guarantee a specific photographer based on your style and will probably cost less than Disney. You can use an outside florist for your personal floral and for decor at your brunch if it is indoors at the Grand Floridian Convention Center. You will save 50% or get twice as much for your money.


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