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Michelle Wilkie

Earning My Ears
Apr 7, 2015
We are considering going to Disneyland Paris after a med cruise next year before heading into Paris for a few days but unsure of the best way to go about it. Should we use our DVC points or do you get better packages by paying cash? I fancied staying at the Newport Bay and I notice they have Club rooms, do DVC members have access to these or do they just get basic rooms?
How do you go about booking if you do through DVC? I can't seem to find anything online that tells you how?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Earning My Ears
Jun 8, 2020

First post here, as a DVC member living in the UK i always pay cash to stay at DLP. I had to call member services to get a points quote, and while i can't remember the exact amount it worked out better to pay cash, for us anyway.

It is also pretty easy to get from Central Paris to Disneyland via the local train system if you were going to stay on site for the whole of your time in Paris.

allison k

I'm a lurker, not a poster!
Jan 1, 2003
Honestly, it’s not worth the point cost! We went to DL Paris this past January and I made the mistake of using points for a room at the Disneyland hotel. They seem to run promotions with room, tickets and food fairly frequently. The cost of one of these sale packages was only about $600 more than what I paid for just the tickets. If I had rented my points out instead, I would have been able to pay for one of the room, food and ticket packages with money left over to spend on souvenirs. 🤦‍♀️


DIS Veteran
Jun 21, 2001
While people will give you the opinion that using points is not the best option, that might not be the case for you. I HAVE used my points to stay at DLP (in 2010) and it was the better option for me.
Now, in January I booked a room using my points again for the runDisney race that was scheduled for the last weekend in September. For me, that was the better option at the time. I am glad I did not rent my points out instead, due to the pandemic disaster. Am I having a problem getting my now reservation points to a place where I can use them before my 9/30/20 use year bet!
Bottom line, you need to do what is best for you.
I was supposed to stay at the Sequoia and it was my understanding that the points included breakfast.


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