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    Jan 23, 2012

    We are visiting wdw in August and trying to work through the many different villa areas and trying to find a nice high spec villa with a pool .... but where to start ?

    We are looking for somewhere with supermarket nearby and also if possible near to eating places - we like bahama breeze, fridays, olive garden etc.

    We don't use communal facilities so that's not important and though we don't want to be travelling for hours to disney/universal/seaworld a journey of 20 - 30 mins would be fine for us.

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    Feb 18, 2006
    :welcome: to the DISboards.

    Sounds like you would be happy in the Formosa Gardens area. There's a new super Target in that area and these restaurants have opened up in front and across from it: Bahama Breeze, Sweet Tomatoes, Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Applebees, Millers Ale House. It's #157 on the map below. There's also a Fridays about half mile east of Target along 192.
    I copied this response from one of my other posts:
    Subdivisions in the Formosa Gardens area: Those that have a manned security gate: Windsor Hills, Emerald Island and Windsor Palms; those that have a code gate: Formosa Gardens Estates, Acadia Estates, Sunset Lakes; those that have no gate: Rolling Hills, Indian Creek, Oak Island Cove and Harbour and a little further away Indian Ridge and Oaks, Lindfields.
    The ones in the FG area would be the closest to Disney. It takes about 5 - 7 minutes to the parking lot of Animal Kingdom using Sherberth Rd. about the same to DHS using World Drive. To MK and Epcot parking lots it's about 12 - 15 min.
    Some of the homes will be older than others. Most have been built since 1995ish. Some look like the need an upgrade and some have been recently rennovated. The Windsor Hills homes have been built since 2005 and some in the new section just last year. Emerald Island homes 2003/4.
    Since all of these are in the same area there's really no bad ones, it's just according to whether the security gates make a difference to you. Each house is individually owned so the upkeep, type of decor, cleanliness, electronics, what the price includes depends on each owner and management company. Some (most) have games rooms in their garages, some have free long distance, wifi/broadband, gas BBQ, kids stuff like strollers, cribs etc. Some charge for some of these things and some have them for free.
    There's also other areas that are further away. Out on hwy 27 there's many subdivisions. When you look on vrbo or wherever it's the Clermont and Davenport areas. The Davenport area also extends to the Champion's Gate area ( around exit 58 to exit 55).
    The Poincianna Blvd. area also has many. These would be around Terra Verde on the map.,0.11055&z=13&mid=1328445812

    Formosa Gardens area: Windsor Hills #1, Em Is #15 click the blue markers for the others.
    Davenport: on 27: Tuscan Hills #79, Glenbrook #96 etc.
    : Champions Gate area: Reunion # 21, Grand Reserve #2 etc
    Poincianna Blvd: Terra Verde #62 Bellavida #68 etc.
    Reunion Resort just south of Windsor Hills is a huge resort with very upscale homes, 3 golf courses, 7 or 8 pools. There's also a mini waterpark which you may or may not have access to depending on the owner.
    When you do find a home ( owner's name) you can check out the property appraiser sites to make sure of ownership and paid taxes. There's also the zillow site that will show what homes are for sale or recently bought.
    We like the Formosa Gardens area because of it's closeness to everything but being close to Disney sometimes costs more.
    I presume you'll have a car because it's essential for staying in a rental home.
    Good luck with your search, there's many to choose from. :)
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    We have stayed at Windsor Hills & Windsor Palms in this area and it is a great location.

    Wanda - the information posted is great for anybody looking to rent :thumbsup2
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    May 26, 2010
    I'll throw a vote in for Windsor Hills as well. Very nice gated community with excellent amenities. Don't think you could go wrong here.
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