HELP w/ Disney Club and Coupon for National

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by pixie dust gal!, May 9, 2001.

  1. Just became member of DC and was told by DC rep that I could find a coupon on the website for National in addition to the contract code. I cannot locate said coupon. Can anyone help?

    Thank you:( :confused:
  2. Gracie2u

    Gracie2u Earning My Ears

    Feb 8, 2001
    I just bumped up Pluto4presidents EA information.
    Good stuff. Subject line is - National EA (REpost from old site)
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  4. mnmom22

    mnmom22 Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2001
    After you log in to the site you'll go a page that has discounts on it. National's says 1 free daywith a weekend I think . If you click on it it'll bring up a page that has the discount number. The info says it's a contract number but it is really a coupon number. It starts with a 1. The next discount says 10% off daily, weekly rental. If you click on that you'll see a code that starts with a 5. That goes in the contract space on the request (you'll have to erase the Emerald club number--I think dc is a bigger discount). When you view the reservation you should have 2 discounts. Hope that helps
  5. I am still a little lost after reading that post several times. I was of the understanding that the 'coupon' everyone is relating to is a coupon found on the disney club site, not an EC. Am I incorrect? Is it just an EC and everyone is using a combination of EC and DC contract code?

    Thank you once again!:confused:
  6. pbhunt

    pbhunt Mouseketeer

    Feb 11, 2001
    Go to Disney Club member's site: "From our Friends" section. There are 2 offers from National,which can be used together for a larger discount than is given by Emerald Club contract. One is a Coupon Code: 1*****, the other is DC contract Code: 5*****. Replace the EC contract code in your reservation request with the DC contract code for "usually" greater savings than an EC/DC combination. (if that's the EC you're referring to.):D
  7. KathyR

    KathyR Happy DVC Member-BWV & VWL

    Aug 16, 1999
    You don't have to be an Emerald Club member to use the DC codes. Just print off the pages that the codes are listed on off of the DC site (those are the coupons). Go to the National Car site and do a regular reservation. Enter the coupon and contract numbers in the appropriate boxes on the reservation request page and submit it. You will get a quote with 10% off for the week and one weekend day free.
  8. Thank you all so very much!

    The confusing part was that the code starting with 1.... was classified as a contract code on the DC website. When I entered that in as a coupon code - it worked! My rate just when down $70! Thank you for holding my hand through it and making it more clear!:cool:
  9. bevgray

    bevgray Believer in eBooks

    Oct 20, 2000
    Just to be on the safe side, Pixie Dust Gal, make sure you print out both DC coupons to take along to show the rental customer service representative just to make sure you get your rate. Also, print out the confirmation (or the email you get from National) in case there is any question about your rate. Have a lovely trip!
  10. Thank you Bevgray!

    After reading several posts, I am taking nothing to chance and printed out both the coupon code and final confirmation sheet that has the breakdown on it.

    Many thanks again!:D
  11. rhays

    rhays Earning My Ears

    Mar 22, 2000
    Ok! I just figured out how to get the discounts at National! But my question now is...can you use BOTH Disney Club discounts at one time? I got a FANTASTIC rate on a full size EA car...$126 for a week!!!

    Also, this EA account was my DH's for work...I can just add our personal charge card to his profile right and use that one, right? (I would ask him, but he's unavailable at the moment and I know someone here will be able to answer me!)

    Also, if I reserve this car, I can still CANCEL it, right? Not that I will, with rate!!!

    Thanks everyone for the information you all have!!!


    :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  12. Ruth, you can cancel any time - I have even done so the night before (getting a better rate)! You can modify the credit info on the EA profile and use your personal cc for billing purposes.

    That is a great rate! Keep checking, though, you never know!;)
  13. rhays

    rhays Earning My Ears

    Mar 22, 2000
    Thanks Pixie Dust Gal! I've reserved it! I'm so excited! I've saved over $40 and went from a COMPACT to a FULL SIZE at that!

    (I still worry that something's not right though!)

    I plan to keep checking and see if it drops!

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