Help needed: Princess Tiana b-day invite!

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  1. adventure_woman

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    Nov 11, 2008
    My DD is turning 4 and wants a Princess Tiana b-day party. Anyone have any good ideas of designs? I am not creative at all. If you have an idea, could you do it in PDF so I can change the verbage if needed? Any help/ideas would be so GREATLY appreciated!!

    Some basic info:
    Princess Elizabeth
    Turning 4
    October 3rd

    The party will be at our house.

    ALSO - I was thinking of making their goodie bags in white paper bags and then putting stickers on it and maybe putting a piece of paper on it that said "Princess XX". Can anyone do a background for that? I'm thinking maybe 2x5 size or something like that?

    Any other ideas you have would be great!
  2. jtanddolly

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    Oct 21, 2008
    I have a blank invitation with Tiana on it in my 4shared account in the link in my signature. Then look in the "blank invitation" file. I also have a candy bar wrapper in the "candy wrapper" file and "candy bar wrapper" subfile.

    Save them as jpegs to your pictures. Then you can insert them into MS Word and insert a textbox over that. Here is a thread with detailed instructions...if you have MS Word:

    Hope that helps!

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