Help, need to book Nov Trip, POFQ or POR

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Where's Pluto?, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Where's Pluto?

    Where's Pluto? Who Let the DOG out?

    Aug 15, 2000
    Hi all-

    I need to book our trip in Nov. and am tossed between POFQ and POR. We'll be traveling with DD who is 2.

    Suggestions/Wisdom Please. :confused3
  2. mytwotinks

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    Aug 28, 2004
    We stayed at POFQ on our first trip and my youngest was 2 at the time. It was wonderful!!!! The resort is so small that you are never far from the food court and pool no matter what room you get. I have stayed at the POR and I really prefer the FQ. The pool was a lot better for a young kid too. Much less crowded and crazy. The busses pick up at FQ first so you are guarunteed a seat and they drop off at FQ first so you have a shorter ride. We sometimes had our own bus too which was great when you looked at the lines with 75 people in them and walked up to a line with maybe 10 people in it!
  3. jcriket

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    Mar 30, 2001
    The resorts are within walking distance to each other, so you can get to one easily from the other. Dd will like the pool at POFQ, it's a sea dragon that you can slide down his tongue. It's more playful.
  4. lovesdumbo

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    Jun 24, 2003
    Everything she said!

    POFQ also has a nice kiddie pool.

    POR does have a larger playground and several quiet pools but the compactness of the FQ is so nice.

    I stayed at FQ for the first time in May with 2 adult friends. I can't wait to take my whole family in less than 3 weeks.

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