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    Ok so trying to plan ahead and do all my homework we have been on 12 disney cruises but have not flown to do the Alaska trip thats next summer we are planning on flying into Seattle and then head to Vancouver stay at the Pacific pan take the cruise then go back to Seattle spend a night and fly out. I feel I have that part mostly under control and I will get some travel insurance to smack on top of all that. The one thing I cant seem to get a good lead on is whats the best way to get from Seattle to Vancouver with a family of 7 and baggage. And it not take a million hours and fits with our fight schedules. ANY and all help is appreciated PLEASE
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    Hello to another Floridian.

    We did the La-Vancouver repo in May and now we are doing the Sept 2 Alaska cruise.

    We took the quick shuttle in May back from Vancouver. It was about 3 hours.
    We had originally booked a rental car but when the boat docked the rental car agency wasn't opened yet. So my husband walked over to quick shuttle and was able to get us on the bus for less than $200. So I just left a note on the rental agency desk to let them know we didn't need the car. There was no cancellation fee.

    This time we are flying into Seattle on Friday night and then catching the Cascade Falls Amtrak train at 7:40am Saturday morning. That is costing about $200 as well. Its a 4 hour ride. Then the quick shuttle back to Seattle after the cruise.

    Hope that helps.

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