Help me plan an INEXPENSIVE trip for Jan....


Jan 9, 2001
My two sisters and I would like to plan a WDW trip for the last week in Jan. 2002.

The problem is that my family is already going to WDW this Aug., so I'm worried that I won't be able to save up enough $$. So I need to do it cheaply.

If $$ were no object I'd really love to stay at the Contemporary Hotel, but are there any specials for that hotel out there? (Since there's 3 of us we will split the cost.) Will there be any discount codes out there for the Moderates for that time? Or should I just go for the AS hotels since they are less expensive? Are there discounts available for the value resorts?

I would just like to find out how to do the BEST trip for the LEAST amount possible.

Any help from all of you experts? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
Hi! Since you will be going twice in one year, will you be getting an Annual Pass? Last year most of the hotels had AP rates available in January. :) You may be able to get an AP rate for your August trip. Also, if you buy an AP, you wont have to get tickets again in Jan.!!!

Have fun!
I would definitely stay at a moderate in January. You can usually get a 20% discount with either an AP or a DC card. It's hard (but not impossible) to get over a 10% discount at AS. For 3 adults, you'll appreciate the extra space at a moderate.

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