HELP ME DECIDE! Change park days? Flight cancelations got me worried!

What do I do?

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Jan 21, 2020
I agree that the first flight of the day is a good plan. The plane will already be there, and if there are issues, you have time to come up with another plan. And there are other options, like flying to Atlanta and renting a car. Not ideal, but there are other solutions.

I flew from Newark on my last trip, and United canceled most of the EWR-MCO flights that day. It was a disaster, but we made it. Even Frontier and JetBlue got at least some flights out, they were just delayed.


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Feb 21, 2008
Same boat here. Newark to Orlando, Jetblue has already made two changes to my minor and one has me landing almost 2 hours later than planned. Switched some things around, since I am doing a split stay with universal, rebooked my hotels and my parks...then monkey wrench... Halloween party announced. So now, we are biting the bullet and buying tickets to the Halloween party. The new question is do I still go to MK on party day or go to AK in the morning (a park we were skipping since we only have 3 day tickets). Probably going to leave reservation as MK for now and switch to AK later on if we decide to make the switch. I don't want to splurge for extra days or hoppers. I don't want to redo my restaurant ressies, and I am sad that I won't see regular MK fireworks but hey I will be at Disney so that is awesome. However, I am so frustrated by this park reservation system so just wanted to share that I feel your pain and stress.


Jan 22, 2015
If JetBlue moved your flight more then 2 hours you should have the option to rebook on any fight that day for no additional cost. Not sure if that helps or not now that you've changed everything but I hope it does.


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Aug 16, 2014
My flight to Orlando was canceled in April due to weather at the Orlando airport. We couldn't get out until two days later due to unforeseen circumstances at our local airport. This was a trip to UO/IOA, so we didn't have park reservations to deal with, but we did lose our rest day and half of a park day. Luckily, UO refunded us the two nights hotel we didn't use. It was an incredibly stressful start to our vacation, but the one thing that made the trip not get canceled altogether is that I had anticipated that the weather might cause our first flight (on Frontier) to get canceled, and had booked a refundable backup flight on Jetblue because I had a lot of banked points stored up from two years of not traveling. By the time Frontier let us know our flight was canceled the backup flight was sold out, but we were able to go. If you have a lot of points with any carrier this might be worth it, just remember to cancel the booking if you don't end up needing it.