HELP! First time being a healthy eater/vegetarian at WDW!!!!!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by SDSorority, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Hi everybody! I need your help! This is the very first year ever that I DH and I will be Vegetarians (eat milk and eggs), and extremely healthy eaters, at WDW. We're going in October, planning on eating 4 table service meals. I'm worried about snacks or CS meals if we get hungry.

    By healthy eater, I mean NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, organic whenever possible... you know the type. Luckilly, this will ALSO be our first year staying offsite and having a car (EVER) so we'll be able to go to Publix or Walmart to get groceries to keep at the condo. Any advice on snacks that are available for crazies like us?? I saw that they sell Divvies cookies... but other than that, I'm afraid of all of the MSG and poison stuff... ew! HELP!!!

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    I really enjoy the grilled veggie sandwich at Backlot Express at DHS. Not sure if the veggies are organic and the bread may not suit you...I think it is a white Chiabata. I don't care much for the black bean salad that comes with it, however.
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    I'm a vegetarian, and we enjoyed Saana at AKL in December. I don't think I ordered the entree but put together a dinner of sides, apps, etc.

    I also enjoyed Artist Point at WL, same thing though, did not order the entree.

    Did not enjoy Kouzzina. It was our second time there, and it seemed to go down hill since October when we were there. (Then again in Oct, DH and I drank a pitcher of sangria, so that will make anything taste good.):lmao:

    For cs, it's kind of hit and miss. You can always get a veggie burger, but they weren't my favorite. At MK there's a cs back by haunted mansion (can't think of the name) that has a good veggie sandwich. Wolfgang puck express at DTD has a couple of choices. At the polynesian you can get a noodle bowl, and lots of places have grilled veggie sandwiches. The Morrocan cs at Epcot has hummus--yum. At food and wine there were some choices at the booths, but not as many as I would have liked.

    We took nuts with us everywhere for snacks, and had whole wheat bagels at the villa, so we made sure we got some fiber.

    Good luck. It might take a little work to find what you want, but there are lots of choices.
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    On property I would recommend The Wave, Boma, and Tusker House in addition to those already mentioned.

    Since you have a car I would highly recommend checking out Seasons 52 on Sand Lake Rd. I haven't been down there with a car since finding out about it so I can only go by what I have heard.
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    I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now, and was in WDW last January. I created a food report (the link is in my siggie) that might help you out.

    Although I can't speak for how organic everything in WDW is, for the most part, there are tons of veggie options.

    Though I haven't eaten there, I understand the Garden Grill rotating restaurant next to Soarin' uses all veggies grown there in Disney's greenhouses, so I'd bet they are organic.

    Good luck!

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