Heather & Andy's Honeymoon Recaps 11 - AKL, Breakfastasaurus, Jiko

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    Sunday, August 11, 2002
    We had gotten a box from the concierge, to ship some of our wedding things home, so we were a little late leaving this morning, b/c we were waiting for the concierge to get tape to seal the box. We called bell services to get the rest of our bags transferred to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, then ran out to catch a bus.
    The bus was late coming – of course, the one morning we have priority seatings, the bus decides to be slow! Then we did get on an exceptionally slow bus; other buses kept pulling out and passing it up, as it meandered first to Fort Wilderness, then to Blizzard Beach, then finally to the Animal Kingdom. It took us a full hour to get to the Animal Kingdom!
    We had priority seating at 9:00 at Donald’s Breakfastasaurus, and it was a lot of fun. The food was okay, not great, but breakfast buffet food never attempts to reach dizzying culinary heights. The atmosphere was a lot of fun; we got our pictures taken with Donald, Goofy & Pluto. Because we were newlyweds, our servers had us kiss, while the guests clapped and chanted, and it was really just a fun time in general.
    After breakfast, we went to ride Dinosaur, and it was only about a 5 minute wait, amazingly enough. Animal Kingdom was not crowded at all that day! I guess Sunday is a good day for visiting Animal Kingdom in August.
    After Dinosaur, we rode the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. It was our last day at the Animal Kingdom (at the parks at all!) so we wanted to do everything again that we really liked. The line there was only about 20 minutes, again, very short.
    We went to It’s Tough to be a Bug again, and only had a 5 minute wait. The lines were so great – I was amazed at how uncrowded the most popular attractions were! We didn’t want to ride Kali River Rapids again, because we didn’t want to get soaked, and we are always drenched during this ride.
    We wanted to go check into the Animal Kingdom Lodge after this, so we went out to grab a bus. There was a cast member there, Consuela, who hurried out to speak to us. She was asking about our wedding, and then a few minutes later, a van pulls up in front of our stop! Consuela said, “You don’t have to wait out here for a bus; I called a van for you.” It was so cool! There were other people in line, and I think they were a little miffed that we got to take the van to the resort, but it was so awesome of her to do that for us!!!
    When we checked in at AKL, our room was ready, but our bags weren’t there yet. We were on the 2nd floor on the Kudu trail, room 2235, so we had to go down a level, since the lobby is on the 3rd floor.
    When we got to the room, I was sad yet again to have left a resort that we had come to like. I think I wasn’t handling all this change very well! This room was kind of neat, though; it reminded me of the Wilderness Lodge, in that it was pretty dark, though actually, the AKL room was even a lot darker than the WL. We only had one sink in the bathroom, which was kind of strange, since we’d gotten used to having two sinks. And there weren’t any robes, which was sad, since we both loved the robes at the GF, and liked the WL ones, too (they weren’t the same – shorter robes there). These are obviously minor things, but when you get used to something and then switch, it’s all weird, and I tend to do a lot of comparisons from one resort to another. We did have a king bed in this room, also.
    The great part about the AKL was, of course, the animals. There were some out and about when we got to our room, so we went out onto the balcony and watched them for a while. After the privacy of our balcony at the WL, this was yet another strange feeling. There were people on the 2 balconies on both sides of us, so we were trying to be pretty quiet so that they wouldn’t hear us out there. I kept trying to slide the glass door to the balcony, instead of pushing it, since I had gotten used to the sliding glass doors of the other 2 resorts.
    While we were out on the balcony, we saw quite a few animals – some kudu, cattle, and zebras.
    Before we knew it, it was time to leave for our lunch PS at Rose & Crown. We got a bus to Epcot, and decided to do the Leave a Legacy tiles before lunch. We had our pictures taken wearing the wedding ears for one of the tiles (we got 2 with the Deluxe Magic package), and used the other tile to put our names & wedding date, along with an icon.
    It started sprinkling after this, so we went to the Rose & Crown, and were seated right away. Andy had a fruit & cheese platter for his appetizer, which he said was okay, but 5 of the cheeses were in one block, and he couldn’t tell the tastes apart very well. I had a mushroom medley with a puff pastry triangle on the side, which was also fine. For my entrée, I had the Beefeater, a roast beef & stilton & gravy on top of an English muffin, with fries on the side. Andy had the Ploughman’s Salad, which was good, but HUGE. He also picked a Stilton dressing, which he probably shouldn’t have done, since by then he was all cheesed out. For dessert, I wanted us to try some traditional desserts. Andy had a sticky toffee pudding, which was rich, but very, very good. I had a traditional sherry trifle with strawberries in it, and it was great! Very light and creamy, mmmmm…..
    After lunch, we took the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. We got a fastpass for Big Thunder Railroad, and then just walked onto the Pirates of the Caribbean again! After that was over, it was time for our fastpasses, so we went to Big Thunder Railroad. There were some people there, with fastpasses for 45 minutes later, arguing with the CM there to let them in – very rude!
    We walked over to the Haunted Mansion to get Andy’s Magical Moments game, and while we were there, a guest walked up to us with 2 fastpasses that he wasn’t going to use, and he gave them to us! It was really nice of him, especially since we hadn’t planned on riding it since the line was so long.
    We went to the Carousel of Progress, then the Timekeeper, then just walked up and down Main Street, going into the shops there.
    We took the bus back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and our luggage was ready to be picked up. We just relaxed on the balcony, watching zebras and wildebeest.
    We recorded some recaps on the video camera, and it was SO DARK in the room that we had to stand in the bathroom doorway, because it was the only room with a light! They don’t have ceiling lights in the bedrooms there, only 2 small side lamps and one floor lamp, which was kind of a drawback for us. I felt pretty uncomfortable standing in the bathroom doing our recaps.
    We took a shower, and then (wonderful to not have to take a bus!) walked downstairs for our priority seatings at Jiko at 8:30. I had the firecracker appetizer, spring & summer rolls. They were okay, and if I had known what was coming for my entrée, I would have eaten more of these appetizers. When I ordered, I chose the steamed golden bass on top of pap, with a spicy chaka laka sauce. I asked the waiter how spicy it was, telling him that if it was even mildly spicy, I would prefer to have the sauce on the side, since at that point my stomach had been quite upset by all the rich food. The waiter assured me that it wasn’t spicy at all, and suggested that I keep the sauce on top, so I trusted him and went with the recommendation. Then, 20 minutes later, when he brings out the entrée, he tells me that he made a mistake, and the sauce really is spicy, and by the way, my fish is swimming in it, so I can wait for them to re-do the entire thing if I wanted to. It was getting late, and I was pretty tired, so I told him I’d just pick out what wasn’t in the sauce and eat that. It really was spicy, and not a good taste at all, but worst of all for me was that every bite of the fish “fillet” had BONES in it! For me, this is definitely the dealbreaker – I couldn’t even nibble at the fish, b/c I was so put off by the bones. I’d had pap at Boma before, and it was good, but this pap was extremely tasteless except where it was swimming in the spicy sauce. Overall, not a good meal for me – I definitely would not recommend Jiko. The atmosphere is great, and very quiet, but I was put off both by the food and by the server’s poor recommendation (and the fact that he didn’t catch his mistake until AFTER he had served my entrée). For dessert, I had the Kilimanjaro Cake, which was really a hard spice cookie, full of something like Hershey’s syrup (not a nice, thick, gooey chocolate like the Flying Fish lava cake), with a little bit of peanut butter in it and a cold malt syrup on top. Just overall, not a place I’d want to go to again – there are too many other GREAT restaurants at WDW to waste time on this one with the nice atmosphere but mediocre to bad food.
    Andy thought it wasn’t impressive at all, but he wasn’t absolutely put off the way I was. He had a corn chowder for appetizer, which he said was good but quite spicy, too His entrée was a duck confit with duck sausage. He said that the confit was good though a bit greasy, and the sausage was not good at all. For dessert, he had an Afrikaanse milk tart with cherries & cherry juice, and he enjoyed this, said it was very light.
    The waiter made up for his poor recommendation at the end of the meal – we asked him to take our picture, and he had us pose in three different places around the restaurant – in front of the wine closet, the stove, and at a table. That was really nice of him, to take so many pictures of us. The restaurant was almost empty at this point, so we weren’t bothering anyone with all the walking around.

    Next day: Breakfast at Boma, leaving WDW!
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    tolook out the window and see animals......thanks so much for the report
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    Thanks for the report!

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