Health clinic on site?


Earning My Ears
Sep 15, 2019
Hi All,
DD is in the waiting stage after phone interview last week and I am in an open enrollment stage for benefits. Can anyone tell me if there is a medical clinic on site? Also, do they charge for services? DD is at a state school where minor health issues are taken care of at no cost (lucky us) and larger issues are very reasonably priced. If she’s out of state I’ll need to choose the right plan for coverage. TIA!


DIS Veteran
Dec 10, 2003
I think the nearest health clinic is off site but not far away. (Centre Care?)


Oh, I'm detecting nuttiness...
Sep 22, 2006
For full-time Cast Members, Imagineers and family members enrolled in a Disney healthcare plan there is a Disney Center for Living Well health clinic on site, in the Cast Member parking area of Epcot. I don't know if your DD would be eligible for coverage, but you can visit its web site at


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