Have you seen Tron - The movie?

Have you seen Tron and which one?

  • Original Tron circa 1982

    Votes: 30 60.0%
  • New Tron 2010

    Votes: 28 56.0%
  • Never saw Tron

    Votes: 13 26.0%

  • Total voters


DIS Veteran
Feb 27, 2015
With all the hubbub over Tron, I'm just wondering how many people have actually seen either of the movies and know anything about the rides backstory. I'm guessing some younger fans may never have seen the 1982 version.


It's not a vacation unless it's a road trip.
Jan 27, 2004
I've seen it more than once.
I'm not sure my body will tolerate the new attraction
but I will be interested in it.
I also grew up playing the video game in the arcades,
it was my favorite after Ms. PacMan 🦖.


Grinning Ghosts
Feb 16, 2011
The original Tron is a bit slow and certainly dated now. But to tech geeks its prophetic in many ways. The gamers its downright scary how much it predicted….

Tron Legacy is much more mainstream. Once you get past staring at CGI young Bridges, it is a great film often overlooked. Again probably prophetic once actual AI is fully realized.

Its a beautiful film, with a great soundtrack and is quite deep on main levels if you understand the story.


DIS Veteran
Jun 23, 2018
Saw the original in 1982 and the new one.

I don't think not seeing the films will be any obstacle to people riding the new ride. I'm betting most of the people who go to Pandora in AK have never seen Avatar (although this was probably more true before the new movie came out). I always suspected some people didn't even know there WAS a movie and that Pandora was just another fantasy land Disney made up.


My tag used to say - I'm a Tonga Toast Junkie 😁
Feb 28, 2004
I’ve seen both and I’m not a fan, but I can hardly wait to ride the new Tron ride in June - it looks so fun!


Doom Buggy Driver
Jul 24, 2013
I love TRON. It's a bit of a cult classic, but it well regarded. I watch it all the time. I also love TRON Uprising, the short-lived animated series. It's fantastic.

But, for many people, it may be more like this:


SAHG: Stay At Home Grandfather
Dec 5, 2000
I've seen both, prefer the newer one. As far as the ride goes, I don't think I can handle it but I'm excited for my family to try it.


DIS Veteran
Aug 7, 2004
We had the original Tron on LazerDisc. We, and our kids, loved it until the player died and we couldn’t find anyone to fix it.


Perfectly Impractical
Aug 2, 2020
I've seen the Trons!
I've been considering re-watching Legacy. The soundtrack is wonderful. That Disney got Daft Punk on there is amazing.

Recently heard that Tron 3 is moving into production, with Jared Leto, who's apparently been pushing for the sequel.

I'm curious if the new ride has anything to do with this? I noticed there's even a new Tron: Legacy Lego set (Tron: Legocy?), which was likely released as something Disney could sell in the giftshop for the guests hobbling off the light cycles.

I would definitely try the ride. I will say, the fact that your light cycle is sitting in line with multiple cycles kind of kills the illusion. I originally thought it would be set up with more distance between bikes, but basically it's like a typical track ride, just more hemorrhoid-prone.


Disney Princess since birth
Jul 6, 2009
Grew up watching the original (brother was a huge fan) and I absolutely love Tron: Legacy. Really enjoyed Uprising but was so sad and upset that the 3rd movie was killed (originally) and now I am very concerned about it moving forward with Jared Leto (I'm not his biggest fan).

Original Tron can be a little dry as the focus was on the SFX and technology (which was amazing for the time) but Legacy is wonderful. The soundtrack is one of my absolute favorites of all time.

Did anyone watch the Prop Culture episode on Tron? It was wonderful to see some of the old props that were saved and to hear about the making of the film.


DIS Veteran
Nov 12, 2006
Haven’t seen either one, but as a coaster chicken, it won’t affect my desire to ride the new attraction. I will be happy standing under the canopy at night watching others scream.


Aug 15, 2014
I saw the first Tron when it came out. Was really "Cool" in a matrix sort of way. It has not aged well.

I also saw the 2nd Tron. Its terrible.

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