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    copied from another website...

    This is love- A royal Knight to Remember

    Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!!

    We call to all those of royal lineage (and those who dream to be) to appear before our royal court of Disney Princesses and Princes this February 4, 2004 at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort for a night of fun, adventure and celebration!

    As our special guests, your evening will include a gallant quest, where only the most brave and strong will prevail, a plentiful feast of both hearty food and beverage, exclusive ball gifts to all our guests, and of course, special appearances by our most honored and royal Disney friends as we join them before the Cinderella Castle in a beautiful ball to celebrate the love they share for each other. And of course, what royal gathering would be complete without a royal send off as the evening ends with a special viewing of our new "Wishes" fireworks show.

    Be warned - We have heard rumors of those that are upset at not receiving their royal invitations (villains) so we will ask for your help all evening in locating any uninvited guests!!

    Also, you will have the opportunity to pre-purchase special themed product created especially for this magical event, that will feature many of your favorite Disney Princesses and Princes as well as those villainous creatures that stand between them and their true love.

    All our royal guests are invited to dress appropriately for this majestic occasion in their most regal garb.

    Please make plans to join us this February 2004 for the most royal and regal occasion of all as we celebrate A Slipper, A Quest and An Evening of Fun!

    Tickets are $125.00 per guest for ages 10 and up and $95.00 per guests for children 3-9 year old.

    Tickets are extremely limited for this first ever royal event.
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    You know they keep fiding more and more ways to seperate us from are money and still not really improve the parks.

    Strange that there is no mention of times.
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