Haunted Mansion Spirit Jar/Shopping Inquiry


May 1, 2018
We just left the parks yesterday after a great visit. We did buy one of the Haunted Mansion spirit jars and ever since we got home I’ve been kicking myself for not getting a second one. You know how it goes, it was hot and the kid was tired and I figured I’d come back later to get a second and it just never happened.

Other than resorting to those price gouging eBay sellers, is there any way to get park merchandise online? I suppose there’s no hope of these being offered on Disney’s site? A friend of mine was like ‘just ask a personal shopper!’ but that doesn’t sound like a thing.. or is it? 😂

Figure I’m out of luck but oh well, I figured it can’t hurt to ask! Once I got home and got the jar out of the box properly and looked at it I realized how much I loved it and wished I made time to go back for a second one for my Halloween decor!

Thanks in advance.


Jun 13, 2012
Joining in because I desperately want them. Anyone have a clue how long they’ll be around!? My trip is awhile still.


DIS Veteran
Apr 22, 2006
At this point, they aren't available on ShopDisney.com, but if they do eventually offer them, that's the place to look. They get things in at random times, so you just have to keep checking.

There are personal shoppers that will pick up in-park merchandise for people, but you'll pay full price (plus tax) and then they usually charge a convenience fee (often about 20% of the full retail price), plus shipping. So it'll probably be less than eBay, but more than what you would pay in the parks.

You can also try calling Merchandise Guest Services team at (877) 560-6477. I don't know if they do any mail order from the parks anymore (they used to, but when they introduced the now obsolete Shop Parks App, they discontinued mail order). It can't hurt to try calling...


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