Has Wal-Mart ever managed your order like this?


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Apr 23, 2017
I didn't know that Wal-Mart had delivery service in my area until the other day. I ordered a pool float last week on the app and I also ordered a $8 bottle of sunscreen as well in order to get to the $35 free shipping threshold.

When I got home the next day, the $8 bottle of sunscreen was delivered to my front porch in a Walmart bag. It had been delivered by the store. If I had been home, I would have owed a tip, even though that was not what I signed up for. Anyone else have such happen?
the only delivery walmart offers here is the kind through usps/fed ex/ups but according to their site there's no mandatory tip for the 'home delivery' service where it's offered.
They routinely do that here…I’d imagine it’s cheaper/quicker to have one of the delivery drivers deliver it if it’s available at a local store than shipping it to you. You are not expected to tip when they do this. They just drop it and run.
Same for me here in MA.
Walmart now has delivery vans in my neighborhood. Metro atlanta. Seems they are trying to get some business from Amazon. I would treat the Walmart delivery person like an Amazon delivery person. Tip not required.
Yes this is normal. Its basically like Instacart but with the store employees. They will put your item in a store bag and drive it to your house.
Its not like the local store has warehouse packing supplies.
IMO I don't think this is a service that is expected to be tipped. You really have no idea when the delivery driver is going to be at your house, it's not like you get a est time of delivery. I have had packages that were supposed to be delivered same day only to be rescheduled to the next day. Are you suppose to wait around all day or multiple days?
We live in a small city so most of my orders come in a few hours in a Walmart bags. It is to reduce the costs of shipping. Since your order was "shipped" there is no need to tip or even think you should be tipping. This is purely a cost saving measure from Walmart there is no expectation of a tip it's just like USPS, Fed Ex or UPS.
I've had it from Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. I've never tipped because even if I am home, they have never rung the doorbell - they just always leave the items on the front porch and then I get an email saying was delivered.
I don’t think anyone rings the bell any more - Amazon, Fed Ex or UPS. I’m kind of glad since my dog used to go crazy barking and wake up my babies!
We've had it happen with Best Buy. They used some proprietary delivery service. Perhaps like those people that drive gig for Amazon. Then they don't deliver because they can't get through the condo entry gate and the order gets cancelled. I thought I was signing up for delivery through a standard service that knows how to get through the gate.
Walmart has 2 options - shipping, not tipped and often comes directly from store. Delivery - tipped, scheduled and of course comes from the store.

I'm the queen of both options. 🤪
Most deliveries just leave the package at the front door (i.e. Fedex, UPS, Walmart or post office). Sometimes it appears that someone uses their personal vehicle to make Walmart deliveries, all other deliveries are done using a marked company truck. A few of them do ring the doorbell mostly as a courtesy, but immediately leave. By the time I walk to the front door from another part of the house they are already driving away. You may not be home when they deliver or somewhere in the backyard where you might not hear the doorbell. So I have no idea how you would have time to tip them and never considered tipping a delivery person from any of those companies, doubt it is expected. My experience has been that the only things you have to sign for upon delivery are computer equipment and any sort of alcoholic beverages. Computers are high value items and I believe for alcohol products they want to make sure it is an adult who ordered them.

When I place an order from Walmart, I have no idea which delivery method they will use, the items just show up within a few days, sometimes in separate deliveries.
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Walmart like Amazon in some parts will use its own delivery service it is cheaper than UPS or FedEx. Our area has Both. Do not confuse it for same day paid services as these are private contractors like Uber and Lyft.


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