Has Disney changed from Entertainment to Marketing?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by dragonflymanor, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. Hey all, long time, no post. Plenty of others around saying what I would say so I have just been lurking so as not to be redundant.

    Today's topic: Disney Marketing

    A news item I read a couple of weeks ago has had me thinking and then when I picked up Monsters, Inc and watched the DVD it really got me thinking.

    The news item was about how Pixar's stock dropped on news that Disney was courting another CGI studio. Seemed odd to me because Pixar's films have been the bread-and-butter for the Mouse for the last several years. Mickey's own feature-length offerings have been fading more and more at the Box Office with Lilo being the only bright spot.

    The second thing was John Lassiter talking about how Story makes the picture, not technology.

    How many times have we heard "2D is dead because Atlantis failed" as if Disney's belief is that we all go see a film because of the technology behind it. What hole do they have their heads buried in?

    So I put the two things together and it appears that Wal Street has bought into Ei$ner's story that the success of Pixar is mostly due to the quality marketing of Disney.

    Hello? What about Pearl Harbor? What about Atlantis? What about Bad Company? Marketing don't make the movie and, unfortunately for my beloved Mouse, they are filled to the brim with suits that believe that marketing IS the movie.

    So, with decisions on story and quality being driven by the marketing department, and the failures attributed to the technology (why did they not say "3D is dead" because Dinosaur! flopped), it would seem to me that the House that Walt Built has a bad case of termites.

    Walt's dream of quality entertainment has been filed away, way in the back of an dusty filing cabinet in a dank corner of a room in a basement in Anaheim behind a locked door with a sign reading "Danger - do not enter under penalty of termination".

    When Disney decided that the reason for their success was merely marketing, they made a decision for the downfall of the company. They started down the path. Ei$ner surrounding himself with "Yes" men and believing his own press about his brilliance (probably written by him anyway), only compounded the problem.

    Disney is where it is today by virtue of the quality entertainment properties of the past. Even current management doesn't believe they have the creative chops anymore to create greatness (Iger calling the 90's string of successes an "aberration").

    So, Walt's Disney has become a marketing company. So much for One Man's Dream, I guess it only takes one man's ego to kill it.


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