Has anyone with food allergies sailed DCL?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by MouseinMelbourne, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. MouseinMelbourne

    MouseinMelbourne DIS Veteran

    Jan 6, 2003
    My family is considering a DCL 7 day cruise, but I have a daughter who is anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts (she could die from a speck). Typically our travel is limited as we will not fly and/or require cooking facilities in our room UNLESS we are at WDW. WDW has always been outstanding at handling food allergies. We have season passes and go there frequently. Other than WDW, DD has never eaten in a restaurant (she is 6).

    That being said, being trapped on a boat makes me nervous. A friend told me DCL keeps seperate kitchens where they prepare food for those with allergies. Not sure if that is true or how it works though - I mean, my DD can have milk, but others are allergic to milk. Theoretically, they'd be in the same "special" kitchen. Does anyone have info on this kitchen?

    Any advice? Observations on the amount of nuts/peanuts? Any chance of requesting a server experienced with the issue? Typically (at WDW) I speak with the chef & server about the issue. Who should be involved on DCL? What about using the Kids Club? Do you have experience with the medical facilities? Can they handle an anaphylactic reaction? Do they stock epinephrene & steroids? Can they do IV's? Can they intubate, if necessary? I am hoping they are the equivalent of a mini-ER and not a general practitioner.

    Thanks for any advice and info!
  2. kaceyisme

    kaceyisme Just passing the time until my next trip

    Sep 15, 2004
    We went on the Wonder last August. My DS has a peanut allergy and we had no problem at all. Fill out the medical form and have it signed by your doctor, and fax it to DCL. You can find the form online at the DCL website with your documents.

    On board, we advised the head waiter of my son's allergy, and when my son placed his order for any meal, our waiter would go to the head waiter and he would clear everything with the kitchen. My son never had to make a second choice from the menu, so it seems that most things were peanut free.

    When we went to lunch the first day, we told the person seating us at Parrot Cay, and he had a chef come out and lead us around the buffet (like they do at WDW).

    My DS never at with the club, so I can't help you with that.

    Hope this helps, and have a great trip!
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  4. ds2Mom

    ds2Mom DIS Veteran

    Jan 27, 2006
    I have a food allergy and as kaceyisme posted....fill out the medical form ahead of time, talk to the Head Server and also your table's servers to be sure they know. I found them to be incredibly sensitive to food allergies. The Head Server took it very seriously....I think he came by our table every night to make sure everything was o.k.

    I never had a problem. But, I also travel everywhere with a Epi-Pen....just in case.

    On a different cruise, our youngest son experienced some stomach problems that took us to the medical facilities. They were great and the doctor was wonderful! Can't speak to what they do/don't have.........maybe you can fax your list of questions to someone in DCL that can answer them specifically.

    Hope you can go and have a great time!
  5. goofysgirl

    goofysgirl Mouseketeer

    Oct 24, 2000
    We are in the same boat as both of you, my daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. We never had a problem with her on the Magic. Our server checked on everything right down to the rolls.
    The pizza station man checked every pizza slice she took out and Pluto's checked on everything. She had no problem finding something to eat each and every meal . The desserts were a different story-most of them have nut or are put next to the desserts without nuts so we were afraid of cross contamination.
    The counselors were great and carried her epi and benedryl in their bum pack.

    Just make sure EVERONE is aware and they will take very good care of your daughter. Enjoy your cruise we will be on our 8th this September.-oh and I almost forgot - I am deathly allergic to seafood and have never had any problems on board
  6. hsteacher

    hsteacher Mom of a Disney Princess and Prince

    Feb 21, 2000
    My daughter is gluten free and had no problem on DCL. Just completed the form and they actually cooked all her food in a sep. kitchen/sep. pots/pans, dishes, etc. Levi (the Head Chef at Triton's) personally introduced himself to us and said he was overseeing all of her meals and that he was personally at our service to make her cruise safe for her. It is why we continue to cruise with DCL!
  7. DDF

    DDF Love to vacation!!

    Jan 23, 2006
    My son is peanut and tree nut allergic with a history of anaphylaxis. We will be cruising in May for the 3rd time with DCL and they are very attentive to his special dietary needs. I do bring my own steroids, and always have several epipens with us. My experience with the kids club was excellent in regard to his allergies...they are aware of all necessary precautions. Life-threatening food allergies are unfortunatley becoming much more common, and DCL is on top of it. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Minnie724

    Minnie724 Earning My Ears

    Mar 14, 2004
    We're sailing in two weeks. My 3 yr old also has the same allergies. I already sent the medical form. My doctor also recommended carrying at least 2 epi-pens and Benadryl which I have ready to go. When I called Disney, they recommended that I meet with the food and beverage people the first day. They also said our server will go through the menu and let us know all the safe foods. The kid club does not serve any food so there was no worry there. (They will take the kids to the buffet if they are in the club during mealtimes, however.) They said that I can drop off the meds, though, just in case. I believe they will put a bracelet on my daughter. I plan to bring a few safe snacks/desserts because I know that some of the desserts will be off limits.

    My sister's daughter went two years ago with the same allergies and had no trouble. She said the crew were extremely accomodating. She also said most of the kid-friendly meals were nut free anyhow--mac n' cheese, chicken fingers, burgers etc.


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