has anyone ever heard of Holiday World


Earning My Ears
Jun 13, 2007
We live just a few miles from a theme park called Holiday World. We have season Passes and often go there several times a week. Last night I took my girls and saw a family where this mother was yelling at her daughter and spanked her HARD 3 times right in front of everyone. Why do parents do this? We are headed to WDW next Friday and I really hope I don't see anything like this. I want my time to be magical and there is nothing magical about a parent yelling at their kids and hitting them in public. What is the worst thing you have seen between a parent and child at Disney?
yes...I've heard of it and have been there 3 times. Very nice park. Free soft drinks and sun tan lotion! :woohoo: Also, the first ever theme park (supposedly).

I know what you mean about kids and parents in the parks. sometimes I think the combination of crowds, heat, and tired bodies causes angeir. although I would never defend a parent for hitting there child in front a crowd it does happen. All you can do is shake your head and walk away. Don't let it spoil your fun!
Saw "Holiday World" and thought hmmmmmm must be fellow hoosiers!

I live in Carmel, so I have seen the commercials MANY times, but I have never been there.

To answer your question:

In November '05 when we were "home" we were walking from Frontierland towards BTMRR. We were in front of Pecos Bills and a child and his mother were obviously fighting. The kid LAID DOWN ON THE GROUND in the middle of the walkway..........no we all know that is a BUSY area. People had to move just so they didn't step on him. So, he is on the ground kicking, and his mom comes over yanks him up by his arm.......it looked painful. And says, " THAT'S IT! No more Magic Kingdom!"

Now, will that kid remember magic kingdom for what it really is? The most wonderful place on Earth? Probably not.......

So, not it is a big joke. Whenever we are there, when someone gets grumpy or tired........they get the "That's it, no more Magic Kingdom" line. :rotfl2:


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