Has anyone ever done the senseless research about FW?

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by mouseketeer_mom, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. mouseketeer_mom

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    Sep 20, 2006
    I'm wondering if anyone has ever done any research or has any links available that reflect how popular FW is?

    I know that to the non-camping population FW is a "cheap" vacationers option. As campers, we know that it is NOT cheap to pay for a camper year round, maintain a tow vehicle or "toad" year round, pay for gas for said camper hauling etc.. on top of a $75 to $95 a night campsite. Disney probably makes a larger profit margin on FW than most of it's value or moderate resorts. I think it is very telling that Disney NEVER offers free dining or other incentives for FW, Disney doesn't need to.

    So, on the "rumors and news" thread someone indicated that the Hoop would be closing to make room for a DVC resort and along with that, FW guests would lose access to the boat launch. My first thought was that Disney surely won't "hurt" their least expensive to maintain, popular resort.

    I thought I read somewhere, way back when..., that FW is truly one of Disney's most populated resorts. And, as we have no mousekeeping, no furniture, no "hotel" to maintain; one of Disney's least expensive resorts to operate. But, I can't really find any info on it. Anyone know where I can???
  2. Eljay

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    Oct 20, 2002
    Sorry, I don't have any research to refer to.
    You must be referring to the campground part of FtW, because the 409 cabins at the Fort, do have mousekeeping, furniture and upkeep.
  3. becky1960

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    Jan 27, 2001
    I have been going to FW since it first opened many many years ago (73 ?) and I remember reading that was run at a loss then because Walt wanted everybody to enjoy Disney. They recently spent Millions to resize most of the Loops and other modifications (cable etc). Fw is a money maker, after all the property has been paid off many years ago. Hoop is the most popular Dinner show in the whole area and will contiue to run. I once saw a blueprint posted of the FW DVC and although the stables were lost not so on the Hoop area and docks.

    As I am sure you have noticed there are many Large Rv's and these families bring lots of money to Disney. We have stayed at WL, and other WDW resorts over the years but FW always brings fond memories and is still the favorite.
  4. TheRustyScupper

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    Aug 8, 2000

    1) It would be a money loser for WDW.
    2) With up to 10-people-per-site, the site would not pay-back the cost.
    3) Free Dining is paid by the resort, not the dining/food dept.
    4) So, the General manager of WL/VWL/FW would lose money.
    5) Thus, no free dining and few discounts for camp sites.
    6) However, the cabins do have discounts and free dining.
  5. KristinU

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    Mar 25, 2000
    On a square foot basis I doubt the Fort has as high a profit margin as other resorts. You'd have to take into account all of the building, hvac, and other operating costs...but if I think about the square footage of our site and the amount paid for that single site per night and compare that to, say, the multiple stories stacked upon each other on a smaller footprint with the per night amount paid I just think that the fort would be hard pressed to have the same profit margin.

    The large RVs (and small RVs) bring lots of money in, certainly, but I know we spend less now that we pull along our own kitchen...especially without great snack and treat options at the Fort (they need an ice cream shoppe/bakery!)

    Not that I'm anti-Fort in the very least...I love it and hope it is never compromised for the sake of the almighty bottom line.

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