Has anyone eaten at Monster's Cafe?


Earning My Ears
Nov 17, 2000
We're planning on visiting USF during our spring break trip to WDW ... we're going on a Tuesday, March 20. We were thinking of eating at Monster's ... we have ds11, ds8, and dd6. Any thoughts or comments about this restaurant? Also ... is Tuesday a good day to go? We are visiting MK on Sunday, and MGM on Monday ... is US too much like MGM to visit on the very next day? We've never been to Universal before, and we've only been to WDW one other time, two years ago! Any thoughts, suggestions and comments are very appreciated! Thanks!
US is not too much like MGM to visit on consective days. Although we love RnR and ToT at MGM, US has many more rides. We have been twice, when DS was 10 and again when he was 11. He prefers US over any of the Disney parks. You'll have a great time.

Can't help you out with the Monster Cafe. We didn't eat there. We ate at the fish 'n chips place near Jaws, and at Richters Burgers near Earthquake. We were happy with both meals. Richters is like a Fuddruckers.

Enjoy your vacation!
We were there 2 Octobers ago and ate there. (Be my Frankenstein.......... is still in my head, but I love Alice Cooper so it's a perk for me :)

Anyway, I had the broccoli soup and it was Wonderful!!! DS and DH had the personal size pizzas and they were ok. (no better or worse than disney's pizzas) I love to walk around and take pics of the rooms. I went into the alien room and a "cm" possed for me. It was during HHNights and the "cm's" were dressed to scare. It made a wonderful pic! They also have 1313 Mockingbird lane. Even if you don't eat there, it's worth taking a look around inside.
I really enjoyed the Monster Cafe! We were there in November, and they were only open for lunch. We had 1/4 roasted chicken, corn on the cob, and garlic and onion roasted potatoes. With a drink, before AP discount, it was about $9. It is cafeteria style service, but you have real plates and silverware---which was a nice change from normal theme park "dining".

The food was very good and served hot. The atmosphere was really great---tons of props from the famous Universal monster movies, and there were several characters wandering around. It was a little weird earing corn on the cob with Marilyn Monroe standing over my shoulder, but I guess she's a monster lover, too!!!


How much do I like monsters and the things that monsters do?... and how comfortable do I feel eating with them?

These are the questions I would ask myself before signing up for a meal at the Monster Cafe. I ate there on my recent trip. It was a cool place... but I felt a little funny watching horror movies as I ate my ravioli.

The part that stands out in my memory, is a Dracula clip where the victim cuts his finger, and Dracula looks hungrily at the wound.... it made me wonder if perhaps I should have gone for something other than a tomato sauce dish.

Bottom line -- I think it depends on how easy to queasy you are.
Now I am sorry I didnt go in and take a look around! Thanks for the great info on this restaurant!

This place sounds great. DGS had wanted to go (they love Universal Monsters) and I had vetoed it because I had heard only bad reports on the food. Didn't even consider the atmosphere. They would have really enjoyed it. :( Well, I will just have to force myself to go on their behalf. ;)


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