Has anyone cancelled their Alaska cruise for late summer?


DIS Veteran
Mar 21, 2005
I have a cruise for September to Alaska. I know the Canadian transportation has shut down for cruise ships. I haven't received any emails from Disney. Has anyone cancelled their trip or are you waiting for further word from Disney. Just checking to see what others are doing. Thanks.


DIS Veteran
Apr 6, 2011
I have an Alaskan sailing in September as well, but through Norwegian. I haven't heard anything concrete from them either, so you're not the only one! I don't want to cancel or make any changes without hearing from them first.


Earning My Ears
Sep 8, 2015
I have a Disney Cruise in May to Alaska they STILL haven't cancelled. Final payment was moved to March - and I've seen on the boards that they sometimes wait until after final payment to cancel the cruise. I'm also holding out for them to release summer 2022 so I can just move it. I think there's no way they'll do Alaska this summer - or anything on the west coast. (They have no real plan on how to get the ship to California - and I don't see the governor of Cali letting in cruise ships anyway.)


DIS Veteran
May 7, 2014
We had a DCL Alaska cruise booked for late August. We decided as a family we were not willing to sail this summer due to covid, and intend to rebook for summer 2022.

We were not PIF and not willing to put the extra funds down to become PIF. So if DCL canceled us that meant we would automatically be refunded with no opportunity to move the booking instead. If we are refunded we loose out $ due to foreign exchange. We would also lose our OBB benefits.

We therefore preemptively called DCL and moved the cruise to a "dummy" cruise on the Dream in late May 2022 to hold the deposit and OBB benefits until the summer 2022 itineraries are bookable at which point we will move it again to Alaska in summer 2022.

The next day DCL pulled the Alaska cruises from their website.



DIS Veteran
Aug 18, 2005
We were on Celebrity in August. Shifted to 2022 - but sure wish it were this year.

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