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    Dec 30, 2006
    Ok, so I have 3 boys age 8,10, and 12. They would absolutely love to hit Harry Potter World why we are in Orlando mid October. We were thinking about buying the 1 day/2park tickets. Is it worth it? Will we have time to do both parks in one day? What will the crowds be like on Wednesday, October 20th?

    Also, one of my boys is over 54" the other two are about 52" and 53". So that means they won't be able to ride a few rides. Will they still have a great time?

    Thanks so much!
  2. mesaboy2

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    Oct 28, 2009
    My opinion: that's probably a bit too much. Crowds should be really nice that day--just a guess of course--but that's a lot of territory to cover in one day, since I'm assuming you've not been before.

    I'd just get one-day/one-parks and focus on IoA, that way you don't have to rush and can take the time to enjoy everything that much more.

    Save the Studios for another trip, unless you can give it at least the full day's attention it also deserves.

    Enjoy your trip whatever you decide.
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    I'll go along with that logic. :thumbsup2

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