Hardrock hotel late afternoon arrival


DIS Veteran
Jan 16, 2001

We will be driving to florida, and arriving around 4 p.m. I am thinking of booking into the hardrock hotel for two nights, is it a waste of money to not get in there til 4 ish, in otherwords should we grab a 60.00 place for the first night, then bright and early go into the hardrock and have the whole day ahead of us, plus the next day. Just wondering what others do.

I would imagine that it would be quite busy in the a.m. with everyone trying to get room keys to get over to the parks to do the rides. How do others do this, and yes we will be going into the wdw resorts after universal. I am now wondering if I should have done this the other way, but I can't get a room with a discount at the end of our trip.

I know that you can check in at around 7 am. I would think that the HR is like most hotels and they have somebody at the front desk 24/7. If so I would think that you would be able to check in even earlier than that.
If you are going into the parks for at least 2 days, go to Universal's website and get a 7 day pass for the price of 2. That way you can check in and go to the parks for a few hours then get into the clubs at citywalk too! With your FOTL you'd be surprised at how much you will be able to see in just 2 hours - lots!

Or just enjoy the pool and the great Hotel. I would definitely spend the extra $ 65 and go right to the Hard Rock. It's just so great to be there. You could also take a walk over to the Potofino and look around, or eat there. Why waste time anywhere else?
It'll be nice to check in, get a feel for the place, just walk around and take it all in. You can just stroll through the back gate over to Citiwalk and get a bite to eat. The pool is open until 10, so you can sit out there in the evening and relax, and wake up all ready to do the parks. Seems like a great no hassel way to start a vacation!


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