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Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2001
Just got back from a 3 night stay at the HRH. The hotel and rooms were beautifully decorated. However, the service leaves plenty to be desired. Arrived late Friday night. There was no robes (as advertised), and no remote control for television. When dialing their "* service" number we were simply told, "Sorry, no remotes or robes are available." Our vacation package was not available at the Hotel desk as promised, and the concierge (which was suppose to be open until 11 PM) was closed (it was only 10:15. Therefore, we couldn't pick up our vacation package. We could not place any 800 telephone calls so the use of our calling card us out. Self-parking in the hotel lot was $17.99 per each 24-hour period. Valet service was $10.00 in and out.
The next morning there was no daily paper delivered as promised. We could not get any assistance with the high speed internet access data line and the only response we could get from the hotel staff was "sorry that is unavailable right now." Interestingly enough we had called the day before leaving and were told that high speed access was operational. (Note: Our business relies on data communication so this was an important feature to us while traveling.)

The next morning (Saturday), they were filming in the lobby so that we could not get to the concierge desk for our vacation package.

The ride attendants at IOA did not seem to understand that the Hard Rock was an on site hotel. At the dueling dragons, they refused to allow us FOTL access. I complained at the guest services of IOA and the hand wrote a note that we could present to the ride attendants. One of the guest services employee had the gaul to tell us that it was really a privelege for us to be staying that the Hard Rock Hotel---to which I replied---No, it's a privelege for them to have us as customers because we can and should have taken our money elsewhere.

It's definitely not Disney quality. I've stayed at WDW (on site) 7 times in the past 14 years and have never had any problems.

We'll go back to disney resorts and spend our money there instead.

If HRH wants to be a world class resort they'll need to re-train their employees on service.


Oct 11, 1999
OH MY!!!!
I am so sorry that you did not have a good experience. Please make your concerns known!!
We are going in March and we hope the "BUGs" are fixed by then.
Did you really have to pay $17 a day for your car to sit in the parking lot??? :(
Thanks! Sandy


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Apr 25, 2000
Anyone who expects the highest level of service and books into a hotel on the very first day it is open for business is asking for trouble.

The Hard Rock Hotel will have an "official" "Grand Opening" in a few months. This period is for training the staff and working out the kinks.

I too experienced some of the glitches you report but was willing to put up with them because I was paying a good bit less than rack rate for the room. We got a remote control on the second day and got a paper every day.

I think it would be instructive to check into a WDW property on the very first day it was open. Then one could make a real apples to apples comparison.

Kelly Monaghan
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Feb 27, 2000

I just called the hotel directly and they said self parking is absolutely FREE for hotel guests!!!! Valet Parking is $8 per day!!!

You must be confusing the $17.99 charge for something else because the hotel would lose a lot of business if that's what they are charging guests!


DIS Veteran
Sep 7, 1999
Those of you who remember Portofino's first days will remember the same tales of woe.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to give the hotel time to get it's stuff together.

New hotels need to shake the bugs out first, THEN they can earn their 'stars'....

It's a shame you had to experience this first hand. I was sort of hoping that Hard Rock would've learned from PB's problems..


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Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2001
To me it doesn't matter whether it was the official opening or not--I called the day before to verify that the high speed access for internet was working and was assured it was. I also verfied with them that I could dial (using my laptop) an 800 number and was assured I could. As I noted earlier---this is an important feature because of the nature and my business. However, the "Sorry this is not available" response from their "Star Service" number just doesn't "rock." with me. Instead I should have been told why it wasn't available or when it would be available or what they were trying to do about it. In fact, they insisted that the problem with dialing the 800 number was with the number I was using. It took them three days to figure out that their contracted telephone company failed to "allow" 800 dialing features. Lucky for me that I could us a cell phone.

All openings are a bit rocky, but how their employees handle the problems, how they try to satisfy and repair a situation is what makes or breaks a good experience--not what was or was not available.

Regarding parking---we paid the $10 in and out fee for valet parking -- cost us a total of $30.00 during our stay because we left the property 3 times. The sign posted at the parking cashier says
Parking Fees for Hotel Patrons and Guests
..... and it lists hourly increments
up to 24 hours 17.95. Got me. I'm just reporting what the sign says. I'd call and ask them to clarify. For some people it might just pay to use the mears (or some other shuttle) service to get from the airport to the hotel (depending on the number in your party).


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Dec 15, 2000
Let's give this hotel sometime to get its act together. I'm very much looking forward to my visit, but then again I'm real easy to please. We've camped in 25 states and been to places with only outhouses for ammenities(LOL)Thanks for both your reports. Keep 'em coming.


DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 1999
The people who were on the DCL's maiden voyage encountered a LOT of problems. But look at it now!

I'm sorry you had a rough weekend at HRH. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out very quickly. In the meantime, you should write to the HRH or to Loews Hotels about your experiences.


Tourism Advocate
Mar 22, 2000
You are correct. There is an hourly parking charge for "day guests" or people not staying at the hotel. This will prevent park guest from parking at the Hard Rock free of charge and give the parking spaces to guests who stay overnight and don't have to pay the fee.

The Portofino has a similar charge

love mickey

Earning My Ears
Oct 20, 2000
Well my wife and i will be staying at the HRH on Fe 3-6 and are looking forward to seeing the hotel.We have some kind of concorce room.They say it includes breakfast in the morning and snacks and wine and beer in the evening. We will see but i am looking forward to it because we have never been to universal only disney :) :D <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> :rolleyes:

Dave OBrien

Earning My Ears
May 6, 2000
I'd like to know why when something gets messed up or happens unexpectedly, everyone goes "Well, this wouldn't happen at DISNEY" as if this is the Holy Grail. I wish both of these entities would stop being compared. I'll be at the Hard Rock in a few days. If something dosen't go exactly right or a mistake happens, somehow I'll manage to still live. Considering I could either be at work or whining about not getting a robe or a newspaper, gee, I can't imagine what my choice would be.

"Compose your final, loathesome dirge!"

love mickey

Earning My Ears
Oct 20, 2000
Well i agree with you that it is a lot better then being at work but you have to admit that if HRH or any other place wants to compete then it will always be compared to Disney.You have to admit that they are THE PLACE that everyone wants to be like.The other thing is when i spend $300 on a room i expect something special...am i correct or not??? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


Earning My Ears
Feb 2, 2001
If someone was paying me 2 or 3 hundred bucks a day to give him milk and cookies, drop a newspaper at his door, fluff his pillow, bring him a robe, a remote control, and get his car, you can bet I would bend over backwards to do it lickity split. The point that these are little things proves how right he is to complain. He didnt ask for a quick brain surgery, he asked for a newspaper.
I am amazed at how many people feel that a person Paying the bill should be as subservient as he is when getting paid. That is, my Everyone rightfully has different standards when at work and on vacation.
When we pay big(ger) bucks, we expect more, and the STAR ratings bear this out. Hotels are rated on their attention to detail, and how much they pamper the client.
I booked at HRH for the week of Feb 12th, and I spent an Extra $250 vs. the Holiday in across the street. For 250 bucks, there damn well better be a newspaper every morning - and the sports section better not be missing, or LOOK OUT!
And yes, I debated long and hard about 'blowing' the extra money. Finally, I asked myself, self, "how would you like to be treated?" I had read about all the amenities, and I decided, "You know, I want to feel special. I want to be doted on. I should spend that money!" you can bet, I'll be expecting to be pampered. I'm sure they are expecting to be tipped too.
Regarding just getting started. I dont know what HRH did, but anybody who has ever WORKED in a franchise environment knows, you take 1/2 your trainers from the nearest store (in this case, across the lawn at PB, another LOEWS) and you hire twice the staff you need. This way, it's easy to get stuff done by neophytes as there are extra hands, and if you find some real bad apples, you drop them mercilessly.
Cruel, maybe, but any 18 year old knows what manners are, but most yet havent learned why they should use them.


Feb 4, 2001
New or not, "sorry we don't have any robes, remotes, whatever" doesn't cut it. "Sorry there weren't any in your room, we'll work on getting them for you right now" is more like it. Everyone makes mistakes and or ommisions, the difference in providing true customer service is the attitude that you ARE sorry and will TRY your best to correct the situation and then work on getting the customer what they want. This is a relatively expensive property and an excuse without action or follow-up is inexcusable!

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