Hard Rock Hotel allows 5 in the room and a free rollaway!


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Aug 19, 1999
I just made a 2-night reservation at the HRH for late November, using the Entertainment discount of $117.50 for a garden view. (The pool view is $129.50 and a deluxe oversized room is $149.50.) The room has 2 queen beds and a FREE rollaway! Finally, a hotel where all 3 of my kids will get a bed, without paying extra for a rollaway. :D It appears that the Entertainment rate is half off the peak season rate, so an Entertainment rate of $117.50 (same rate as value season) during Easter week is fabulous!
I hope disney get the idea one of these days! That is great news! I will have to remember it!
I thought Daniel LIKED being the "floor-boy!" ;)

BTW, I think $117 is a great rate for HRH, so far one of the best on the boards. Anyone else get a better rate?


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We usually have a "floor-boy" because we're TOO CHEAP to actually PAY for a rollaway-LOL!! It's so refreshing to find an on-site hotel (that's affordable!) that allows 5 in a room.

I just wish they'd let you have 5+ a little one, but they stated the fire code as a reason and now we have 2 rooms. But we did get the $117.50 Entertainment rate on both rooms. :) Also the free roll away. DH and I now have our own room. :D
Yes, they do have connecting rooms. They said they place families w/children first and would move someone else if not checked in to accomodate the family w/connecting rooms. I don't think they would want to have unsupervised children staying in a room even though 2 of mine are teens.


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