Happy Birthday, Kitty 34!!!!

Dan Murphy

We are family.
Apr 20, 2000
Hoping you day is filled with fun and memories, Kitty. Happy birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday Kitty. Hope your day is wonderful, and kitty brings you a 'present' for your birthday.:D

Happy, happy Birthday to one of the best DIS buddies in the world. I know how old she is too, but I won't tell!!!:D
Happy birthday to you.....happy birthday to you......

Hope you have a great day!

<font color=deeppink size=3 face="Comic sans ms">Happy Birthday Kitty! :sunny: I hope that you are having the best day ever! :) </font>
Hope you're having/have had a great Birthday, Kitty!!!

You're a real Star on the DIS! ;)
Oooooops! I missed your birthday and I was all ready to post good wishes for you too :(

I hope your birthday was <b>magical</b>!
Happy Birthday, Kitty34!

<img src="http://www.mousescripts.com/clipart/images725/Characters/Groups/Misc/don-plu01a.gif">

Kara :wave:
Happy birthday, Kitty34! Hope your day is a magical one. :)


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