Happy and Grumpy’s 1st Trip - Part 7: MGM, Here We Come!

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    Jul 6, 2000
    Cast: Julee, 27 (AKA Happy) 1st trip to WDW. John, 29 (AKA Grumpy) 1st trip to WDW

    Tuesday Nov. 14 (Day 3)

    Tuesday we woke up to a cloudy morning. We weren’t concerned because the weather forecast didn’t predict any major rain. I was really surprised that I didn’t have any blisters yet. Yes my feet were killing me, but no blisters. I guess the spray antiperspirant really works. I decided against the gymshoes this morning and went for my leather boots with heels. The heel is really spongy and since I’m so used to wearing heels I figured they might be more comfortable. I turned out to be right. Even if I was the only person at WDW wearing heels I was more comfortable.

    We went down to the front desk and rearranged some of our PS arrangements since I re-planned our trip. I tried once more to make Fantasmic dinner PS at Mama Melrose but again they didn’t have a time that would fit in with our plans.

    We decided we weren’t ready to brave the bus again after last night’s Epcot adventure so we drove over to MGM. We took the tram to the front gate and headed to Hollywood & Vine for our 2nd buffet breakfast. We got in right away. We were both really hungry again. Neither of us ever eats breakfast at home so it was strange that we were able to pack away so much food at these buffets. Again, John asked for a large glass of OJ so he would have more to drink in between the waitress stopping at our table. She looked at him oddly but brought a large glass anyway. The buffet was good here too. Not as good as Crystal Palace (that would end up being my favorite), but still satisfying. Our waitress was quite slow, but the ice cream machine they have here made up for it. I was thrilled to be able to put vanilla soft serve on the Mickey shaped waffle I swiped from the kids buffet.

    Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip and Dale were the characters here (throughout the course of this trip we would get to know Chip and Dale quite well). They were all decked out in 1920’s formal wear. Every 30 minutes or so this loud music would start to play and all the characters would run to the front of the restaurant and dance. After this we got visited by all the characters who were again amused with John’s hair. We couldn’t figure out why. Then what we now call “the Pluto incident” occurred.

    Pluto came up and started massaging John’s head. I started laughing. John started laughing. Pluto continued massaging. I laughed more. John giggled. Pluto massaged. I still laughed. Pluto massaged. John stopped laughing. Pluto massaged. This went on for about 5 minutes. FINALLY Pluto stopped massaging. I thought John was going to crack the poor pooch. After Pluto left John said that he was getting mad because all of his hairspray was landing in his food. I laughed again. This is what I get for dating a guy that uses hairspray. We still don’t know what was up with Pluto. Maybe Pluto was a girl (or a guy for that matter) and thought John was cute. We’ll never know.

    Anyway, after breakfast we decided to let our stomachs settle before we braved Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster. We walked through some shops and I found a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff I wanted (I’m a huge Tim Burton fan) as well as a really cool villain clock in a window. I didn’t buy anything because I wanted to wait until later in the trip to see how much money I had left. I figured I’d be back and then I could decide what I wanted.

    By this time it was starting to drizzle so we thought we would go get a Fast Pass for Tower of Terror. The wait said 10 minutes so we skipped the FP and walked right up. I love the theming of the queue. I can’t believe how elaborate it is. The fog in the walkways was a nice touch. I was a little nervous because I have never ridden a “quick drop” ride like this before. I usually avoid them because I don’t like heights. Roller coasters don’t bother me, but I guess there is just something about hurling to the ground and high speeds that doesn’t sit well with me. In any case I loved this ride. The first drop was a bit scary but after that I loved getting thrown out of my seat. I had no idea that it moved forward the way it did. I thought it was just suppose to take you up and drop you down. I wanted to ride it again, but John was looking a little green so we made our way to Rockin Roller Coaster. We waited about 10 minutes and then we were whisked off. John and I both really liked this ride. I knew what to expect at the beginning because I had been reading about all these rides for months. But John didn’t so he was a bit surprised by the take off.

    By the time we exited Rockin Roller Coaster it was pouring rain (the weatherman lied). We decided to go to Great Movie Ride since I figured that would have an indoor queue. Luckily it did and by the time we got there we were soaked. We waited about 20 minutes because they were having trouble with the ride. This was a fun ride. I really liked the interaction with the Cast Members.

    We were hoping to see sunny skies when we exited, but no such luck. We made our way to the Muppet 3D movie and only had to wait a few minutes. John and I both enjoyed this a lot. We are both big Muppet fans. When we exited it was still raining. I thought the afternoon showers in Florida weren’t supposed to last long!
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    Hummmm wonder what Pluto was really up to! I'm sure the Pluto incident will forever live in your minds!!!

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    LOL LOL Sorry, I can't help laughing about his hairspray getting in his food! LOL Oh, God, that's too funny!

    Ain't RocknRoller Coaster great?! ;)


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    Liked the Pluto adventure. Thanks for posting!

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