Handicapped rooms in the back of the ship 7138

D L and K's Mom

<font color=blue>D, L and now baby Kennedy's mom!<
Mar 17, 2001
We have just have booked room 7138. Has anyone stayed in any of the back rooms before? We are very nervous about being so far back in the ship.Can you feel the motion?? Can you feel the engines?? Last time we cruised we did not book a handicapped room and we were very sorry because DS'a wheelchair did not fit throught the door. :( I hope I am jsut worring for nothing.
If you haven't already, you should post the same question on the Cruise Line Board. :)

Hi D and Ls Mom! I've stayed in a far aft handicapped cabin before and it was wonderful. There is no difference in the motion felt in the rear of the ship and it is quite convenient. If you have more questions come see us on the Cruise Board and we'll be happy to help! :)

Both times we sailed we were on deck 6 in the FAR aft.
It was lovely and we didn't have any problems with motion.

The Handicapped cabin was FABULOUS! No major problems with motion, our balcony was HUGE, the doorways were wide and the room was very welcoming. Enjoy! :cool:


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