Handicapped Accessible Rooms at Beach Club

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by AnninIowa, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Jun 21, 2005
    As I've posted on another thread, my father is having prostage surgery next week - exactly 33 days before we are scheduled to leave for WDW!! Doctor has told him he should be okay, but we're waiting to see how he feels after the surgery.

    In the (hopefull!!) event that we do go, I was thinking about asking our travel agent about a handicapped accessible room for our stay at the Beach Club. Can anyone tell me how these differ from standard rooms? The main feature I was thinking would be nice for him is a shower in the bathroom so he doesn't have to climb out of a tub/shower. He is 73, and even without recovering from surgery he has a history of almost falling in the bathroom! However, on the whole he is very healthy and active, so I'm torn about taking a room when someone in a wheelchair may end up not getting it, although I see the Beach Club has 10 of these rooms.

    Any advice???
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    If your father and you think the rollin shower would help him, then don't worry about taking it from someone in a wheelchair. You have a legitimate need too.

    We've styed in a room at BC with a rollin shower although it was some years ago now. The room itself was the same although the beds may have been a little lower as that is sometimes true in accessible rooms. But I didn't notice that. Anyway, we had two beds and a daybed.

    The bathroom was one large room rather than split the way most Y&BC rooms are.

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