Halloween Party Oct 29th one day trip


Earning My Ears
May 3, 2011
So excited for this trip, this will be our 5th time attending a Halloween Party.​

I’m packing suitcase today during the day, loading up the car tonight, and then we’ll leave right after school tomorrow for the 6.5 hour drive from Southern Utah to Laguna Beach Area. Right now plans are to leave @2:00 have a pit stop in Vegas, then Victorville, then arrive at the hotel. We will be at one hotel for 2 nights near Laguna beach, then Sunday night we will check into the Country Inn not too far from Disneyland and will be there for 2 more nights, then drive home Tuesday. It’s supposed to be a 15 minute walk from the hotel to Disneyland so that should work well after the party, although I’ve thought about taking an Uber/Lyft after the Halloween Party.

We plan to have lunch at a friends house Sunday, and hopefully have leftovers to warm up at the hotel for dinner. I’m doing the meal and making taco salad so am trying to plan for extras since our room has a micro and fridge.

Sunday evening I would love to find a place outside of the park where we could watch the fireworks, any recommendations?

Monday morning planning to eat breakfast at the hotel and maybe let the kids swim for a while. Planning to eat lunch about 1:00 then head over to downtown Disney to checkout the LEGO store and decorations in the GCH and be ready to enter DCA at 3:00.

Using max pass hoping to get a fast pass for Cars, and check out the new Pixar Pier while waiting, then maybe a fast pass for Soaring before heading over to DL.

After soaring use max pass to get a FP for Roger Rabbit since it’s one of the kids favorites and toon town closes early during the parties. Hoping to get on the train right at the entrance and ride clear to the back and do Roger Rabbit and Go Coaster. Planning to skip the preparty stuff in toon town becevery year it’s had long lines. After that ride pull a fast pass for star tours, while waiting ride the monorail since it also closes early during the parties and when I asked the kids for their top 3 things they want to do in the park it was on my son’s List and most party visits they haven’t gotten a chance to ride it. Planning to hang out in tomorrow land and hit all their favorites, then head over to frontier land areas.

Usually the kinds haven’t focused on trick or treating till the last hour or so, have prioritized rides, not characters.


Jul 23, 2012
For fireworks from outside the parks:
You have several choices. You can view from the esplanade -- get there a little earlier for this because lots of other people will camp out there for the better real estate.
You can view from DTD. Popular spots include the fountain in front of La Brea Bakery, the fountain by Splitsville, the grass area behind ESPN Zone (you will have to exit security for this one). If you want to be fancy, you could order dessert at Catal and ask for a table on the balcony with a fireworks view. The top floor of M&F has a view of the fireworks, but not much ambience.

The Roger Rabbit ride remains open during the TT Pre-Party at MHP. And it's a total walk on! We rode it on Friday after doing the treat trails. Such fun and no line! The treat trail lines move fairly quickly once the Pre-Party starts. The longest waits are for TT to open and for photos with Mickey/Minnie and Donald/Daisy. The line for photos with Goofy and Max was very short. We went to the Pre-Party after it opened to avoid the lines -- tagged on at the end just as TT opened, went right to the first treat trail, then walk on Roger Rabbit.


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