Halloween Nights


Earning My Ears
Oct 22, 1999
I just found out I am going to Universal in Oct!

This means I can finally go to the Haunted Halloween at Uni.

When do they release dates and sell tickets?

HHN annoucements will probably be made in late August or September.


Barry Hom
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Just a few tips, DO NOT GO THE WEEKEND BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!!! We did, and we ended up regretting it. If you do make SURE you go for two days. Walking into the park, all we saw was a sea of walking heads.
We did make 2 coslty mistakes though, one of my friends had talked to one of his friends about meeting him at the front of the park. We waited, and waited, and waited for about 1 hour, they finally showed up, and the punks didn't even stay with our group!!! So waiting was pointless. By the time we got in, the two mazes up frton, Total Chaos, and someother one, were already up to a two hour wait! We got there early mind you. We walked right over from IOA. We also made the mistake of going on MIB. We wanted to get there early so we could hit the ride first because we hadn't gone on it yet. But because we had to wait for the PUNKS, we went later in the evening. BIG MISTAKE. The wait said 90 min. But 90 minutes turned into TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! And the ride was not even worth it! We were very upset.
By the time we got off MIB, it was twelve thirty, and we were going to see the BIll AND TED SHOW. By the time it was over, it was already 1:15. We went to go do DARK TORMENT,and we had to leave.
So all in all, with the lines, and the waits for idiots, and the breakdowns, yes I said breakdowns, we went on 1 and a half mazes. One maze we were in, had to be shut down half way through because someone did something wrong.(police officers were running into the maze as we left.)
But despite, the experience is quite exilerating, and I will go back again, but for two days and farther away from Halloween.
Sorry for rambling.
We were there last year and we went to fright night on the 14th October. It was great at first because we were already in the park so we were able to do a lot when it first started everyone was in great spirits and were really enjoying themselves. But by 9pm it was too crowded and there was too much alcohol sold and people started to be really silly. In fact a lot of the drunken people caused trouble with the cast members who were dressed up and even they began to lose heart and in the end they even gave up. I felt that they let TOO many people into the park which really spoilt it. By 11.30 - 12 we just wanted to get out because it did become a bit scarey (excuse the pun) i mean scarey due to the drunks.

Does anyone know if USF sells VIP front of the line Halloween Horror Nights passes like Universal Studios Hollywood does?

Also, does on site hotel FOTL apply during HHN?


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