Halloween Horror Nights 2008

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    Pete mentioned recently the lack of HHN '08 information, and I thought I would pass along what I have dug up so far. First, the HHN official website has a link on one of the books laying on the table in front of the mirror, which will direct you to the multimedia site that fleshes out the backstory for the event. It is being updated each week with extra content (similar to years past). This is being discussed in the Universal forum here on the DIS. Second, Screamscape seems to have some reliable sources sharing interesting rumors. Third, HHNVault may be the largest HHN fan community with a forum dedicated to HHN 18: Reflections of Fear. Finally, over the years a group of dedicated HHN regular scare-actors have formed a close community at Chainsaw Wolf's yahoo group . They are currently reuniting at auditions, which began last week, and are discussing what they have heard and what roles they are being cast in.
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